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Cats are TOTALLY better than dogs

Updated on November 17, 2014
VladimirCat profile image

Vladimir is a former champion ratter (retired). His hobbies are bushwalking, birdwatching and nature studies


There's no two ways about it - you can't be sitting on the fence with this burning issue

Cats are better than dogs!

It's pointless to draw a comparison between the intelligence and beauty of the two species. Dogs fall behind in the race, cats win paws down!

I should know. I'm a cat.

The Facts

Nothing but the Facts

Looks : For grace, beauty, serenity and independence, look at a cat. To see an ungainly creature with his tongue lolling about, look no further than a clumsy dog.

Servitude : For slobbering servility and mindless devotion, look at the dog. You want someone who sees you as the Leader of the Pack? Pah! Cats bow to no one, dogs will still adore you even if you mistreat them..

The Bathroom. : Do I have to remind you of the toilet habits of the canine? Ugh! No modesty, no shame.

Socialisation : Dogs need to be trained. How many hundreds of thousands of eBooks are out there on dog-training?. Brain-washing is more like it! Of course it's a simple matter to brain-wash dogs, their brains are simple to start with. Dogs also enjoy training, it gives them something to do that's not destructive.

Don't even think about brain-washing a cat. We brain-wash you!

A cat can make a fretful child smile

YOUR TURN! - Are you up to it?

It's glaringly obvious to anyone that a Cat will always win in the cat-dog race of ideal companion to the discerning human.

I've stated, out here in the open, my own views on the matter. If you, however, hold a different opinion then make your case!

Cats are TOTALLY better than dogs

Of course cats are better than dogs. Smarter, sassier and cheaper to feed

Of course cats are better than dogs. Smarter, sassier and cheaper to feed

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    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Dogs will not stay quiet when you are trying to sleep. Cats can hear better. They can win in a fight with a dog if they use their claws and teeth. Dogs drool everywhere and chew up your favorite pair of shoes. Cats don't do tricks because they are too smart. They are softer than dogs and also cleaner. Cats are loveable too so dogs aren't the only ones that care for their owners. Cats can curl up on your lap when dogs won't sit still. Cats can hunt better while dogs run after animals and are too noisy. Cats can climb trees and have sharper claws than dogs. Cats are the better pet. They are smarter than dogs. And cats can see in the dark when clumsy dogs will bump into a bunch of things and knock them over. Cats are good mousers and wild cats will take down a wild dog at first stght. Dogs track mud throgh your house and you have to clean up after them. Cats are better.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Cats are way smarter than a dogs ps dogs do drool and cats do not

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      cats are very affectionate and epic and awesome

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Cats are WAY better than dogs. They are so cute and tidy!

    • SophiaStar LM 5 years ago

      Cats all the way! I have been a long life cat owner and love the feline energy. It is a misconception that they have no devotion, my cats greet me every time I walk through my front door:)

    • PositiveChristi1 6 years ago

      As a long-time cat owner I have to side with cats. Cats almost look after themselves, but still give a lot back in love and affection.

    • TravelingRae 6 years ago

      I have to vote for cats. I like some dogs but I've never met a cat I didn't want to cuddle.

    • javr 6 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      Cats are sure smarter than dogs.

    • anonymous 6 years ago

      Cats are easy and loyal to take care for, while dogs need ALOT of socialism.

    • moviefang 7 years ago

      Agree! And if you buy a heated cat bed then there will be less hair also :)

    • anonymous 7 years ago

      I 100% agree with your statements! You're really funny, too! I'm allergic to dogs, which really sucks.

    • anonymous 7 years ago

      Hahaha! I really liked your answer, John Toledo. It made me LOL!

    • anonymous 7 years ago

      Garfield. Odie. Hmmm.

    • grannysage 7 years ago

      Wiley is supervising as I write this and he has to agree that cats are better. It has been proven that cat purrs are healing. Try teaching a dog to purr. Cats rule!

    • EbizTaxTips LM 7 years ago

      I have an awesome cat... who thinks she's a dog... so I'm totally confused, but I'm gonna go with cats :)

    • Robin S 7 years ago from USA

      Both a dog and two cats live with me but the love of my life is a black cat named Timmie, so I say cats are better!

    • vanidiana24 7 years ago

      Cats make a great friend to lay down relax after a long day.

    • anonymous 7 years ago

      I now have my first cat. She's great. What a personality! I've had dogs for most of my life, but I wouldn't trade my Missy for anything.

    • Addy Bell 7 years ago

      As an all-around animal person I love dogs. But I'm a cat person first!

    • anonymous 7 years ago

      cats are more independent and graceful with beatuy

    • calendarsblog 7 years ago

      For me, personally, I have to agree. Cats are just a better species. They're independent yet huggable :) Still... dogs are alright too, and honestly, a bit more useful.

    • Cynthia Arre 7 years ago from Quezon City

      Me, my husband and my cat completely agree

    • Lorelei Cohen 7 years ago from Canada

      Yep Yep Yep

    • anonymous 7 years ago

      cats r doubt about it!!

    • EelKat13 7 years ago

      I have 16 cats that all agree that cats rule and dogs drool.

    No way, dogs are better. Friendlier, faithfull-er and you can take them for a run

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      • anonymous 5 years ago

        Actually, the Egyptians worshiped DOGS - the god Anubis! Dogs Rule!

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        Your ''facts''... aren't facts. ungainly. tongue lolling. NOT TRUE!

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        Oops, for Socialization, I meant "and dogs WOULDN'T scratch a newcomer to shreds".

      • serenity4me lm 6 years ago

        Dogs are better! (just my personal opinion).

      • lieza0814 6 years ago

        No doubt that cats are really lovable. But not all people love cats. Dogs are still the best pets for me. My dog isn't trained but it knows how to make me happy. And there's no wonder why dogs are called a "Man's Best Friend". We do have different opinions though. ;)

      • Carol Fisher 6 years ago from Warminster, Wiltshire, UK

        I like cats but I love dogs so I think they are best. No offence, Vladi, I know you are a very superior cat.

      • anonymous 6 years ago

        Once I fed a cat and later, it scratched me. I have 3 scars! I'm sad :]

      • anonymous 6 years ago

        Dogs are the longest domesticated animal in history. I just adore them so much!

      • anonymous 7 years ago

        By the way...

      • anonymous 7 years ago

        Dogs vs. Cats

        Which is better, a Dog, or a Cat? This debate has been going on for centuries and we now have an answer. The Cat is obviously superior to the slobbering Dog. I mean, really, in 1997, over 10,000 US deaths were attributed to a dog owner's choking on saliva during morning wakeup licks.

        For one thing, a cat is easier to take care of. It eats less than a dog and will naturally use a litter box, unlike a dog, which will poop all over the place. Cats are also very handy because they will kill tiny pests, such as mice.

        Cats dont require as much time. They dont need you to give them walks and they can entertain themselves. You can leave them alone for a few days, and all you have to do is leave food and water for them. They also cost less to feed and everything.

        You dont even need to bathe them! Cats clean themselves for about a third of the day. They can also help your health. It has been proven that a cats purr can lower your blood pressure and your stress levels.

        Yes, a cat is definitely better than a dog. Even the Egyptians worshiped cats! Cats are quieter and they do not bark. No one has ever had to put a sign up saying: Beware of the Cat. That is why cats are, and always will be, superior to dogs.

      • anonymous 7 years ago


      • Kapalbility 7 years ago

        I'd say dogs! Dogs don't give me asthma attacks!

      • KNicholls 7 years ago

        Have to say I'm a dog person, wouldn't trade my Turbo for anything in the world, not even a cat.

      • Nancy Tate Hellams 7 years ago from Pendleton, SC

        Don't mean to hurt your feelings but I have to agree that dogs are better than cats. I am sure you are the exception.

      • happynutritionist 7 years ago

        I consulted with Aspen, my Yorkie, and we agreed that dogs are better, but we both are a little biased, she's a dog, and I'm her owner. I'm a loner in the family, too, my sister has about 10 cats, my Mom 3, and daughter has 2 (+1 dog) so they would all agree with you:-) Funny, I almost did a MonkeyBrain on the same topic before seeing this...great minds think alike!

      • kimmanleyort 7 years ago

        I'll take my adoring dog any day - and I adore her back! However, I know many people who feel the same way about their cats. And I do like you, Vlad.

      • Cynthia Sylvestermouse 7 years ago from United States

        Since I have to make a choice, I will choose dogs. I have always had at least one dog. They are loyal companions and great protection!

        I do love my 3 grandkitties too!

      • anonymous 7 years ago

        i like them bouth alot

      • Rhonda Albom 7 years ago from New Zealand

        Sorry Vladi, I am a fan of dogs. Of course you are the exception, being a example of the perfect cat.

      Cats are better than Dogs - From a Cat's Eye View

      This honest, informative, and straight-thinking book (written from a cat's point of view) presents all the wonderful things that cats are and that dogs (hiss!) can't measure up to, including verified testimonials and nearly unbiased commentaries, helping readers understand once and for all that cats have more style, character, and pizzazz than dogs ever will!

      Dogs are better than Cats - From a Dog's Eye View

      This insightful, informative, and truthful book (written from a dog's point of view) lists all the magnificent things that Dogs are and that cats (ugh!) are not, including actual case histories and commentaries that prove once and for all that Dogs are...infinitely better friends, companions, and ethical beings than are cats!

      What do you think?

      If you're trying to rub my fur up the wrong way, you'll find it a waste of your time. I am a tolerant chap.

      Leave any comment you wish, you don't even have to be a cat! Dogs are welcome to post, indeed any creature great or small can leave a comment here.

      © 2010 Vladimir

      Leave your pawprint - I can take what you throw at me

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        • ChrissLJ profile image

          ChrissLJ 6 years ago

          Having both dogs and a cat, I must disagree. Dogs make much better pets. Dogs believe they are your friend. Cats believe you are their servant and must bow down to their every wish NOW.

          This lens made me laugh though and think of the book Why A Dog? By A. Cat (and Robin Michal Koontz).

        • Stazjia profile image

          Carol Fisher 6 years ago from Warminster, Wiltshire, UK

          I enjoyed your argument in favour of cats, Vladi, and agree with them but some of the things you say about dogs are actually points that I love about them. Sorry and all that. :)

        • indigoj profile image

          Indigo Janson 7 years ago from UK

          I really enjoyed this one. All animals are awesome. But cats? They really are the greatest! :-)

        • profile image

          grannysage 7 years ago

          I see you have become a fan of lolcats. Sometimes I can spend hours there. Ghost said to let you know she is currently writing her own lens. She is tired of being blamed for having to go to the vet.

        • eclecticeducati1 profile image

          eclecticeducati1 7 years ago

          lol!!! So cute! Today my kids were watching the movie Homeward Bound. So as I was reading this lens, the phrase "Cat's Rule and Dogs Drool" kept going through my head! lol!!! Good luck on going for Giant! Blessed by an Angel.

        • eclecticeducati1 profile image

          eclecticeducati1 7 years ago

          lol!!! So cute! Today my kids were watching the movie Homeward Bound. So as I was reading this lens, the phrase "Cat's Rule and Dogs Drool" kept going through my head! lol!!! Good luck on going for Giant! Blessed by an Angel.

        • OhMe profile image

          Nancy Tate Hellams 7 years ago from Pendleton, SC

          Yikes. You sure are taking a huge chance on this debate about whether Cats are better than dogs. Since you are a cat I really hesitated to be too honest in fear of hurting your feelings. Great debate and it is so interesting to read the thoughts of others.

        • profile image

          anonymous 7 years ago

          Wonderful debate on cats vs dogs. You picked a fiery topic. 5*

        • profile image

          kimmanleyort 7 years ago

          Another excellent lens, Vlad! I'm sure you will get a lot of monkeybrain action here.

        • Sylvestermouse profile image

          Cynthia Sylvestermouse 7 years ago from United States

          This was interesting! Angel Blessed and added to my Squid Angel Mouse Tracks lens!

        • VladimirCat profile image

          Vladimir 7 years ago from Australia

          @anonymous: My Dear Lady, I forgive you for your perception of yourself. At least it's not deception

        • Addy Bell profile image

          Addy Bell 7 years ago

          That was a great quiz. I'll tell CC to add it to her own lenses.

        • poptastic profile image

          Cynthia Arre 7 years ago from Quezon City

          Dogs are lovely, but cats are easier to care for, neater, brainier (so it seems) and simply wonderful family members.

        • KarenTBTEN profile image

          KarenTBTEN 7 years ago

          Vladi, I have known some amazing cats, and have generally been closer to cats than dogs, but I don't want to take a stand on one species being better than the other.

        • Lady Lorelei profile image

          Lorelei Cohen 7 years ago from Canada

          I love it! Have a great morning :)

        • profile image

          anonymous 7 years ago

          Vladi, at the risk of alienating you from me, I have to admit that while I absolutely adore you and adored all the cats I have owned in the past, I am a dog person. I hope you will forgive me!

        • RhondaAlbom profile image

          Rhonda Albom 7 years ago from New Zealand

          You are a very impressive writer, nearly convincing. Hard to believe you are a cat.

        • VladimirCat profile image

          Vladimir 7 years ago from Australia

          @pkmcruk: But he wants to avoid the argument, eh?

        • pkmcruk profile image

          pkmcr 7 years ago from Cheshire UK

          Charlie says hi and loves the lens!