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cats litter boxes

Updated on September 5, 2014


Cats litter boxes are a necessity for all cat parents. Not only are they needed for your cats business, the cat litter boxes often become your cats’ favorite place in their home. As any cat parent will tell you, their cats prefer one of the litter boxes over the others. They is no rhyme or reason why your cats prefer one box to another, it is good idea to try a variety of litter boxes in different locations in your home.

I keep two cats litter boxes in my apartment. One is a large cats litter box and the other is smaller with a top. I prefer the smaller cats litter boxes with tops as the top keeps the dust from the kitty litter to a minimum. However, my cats prefer the larger litter boxes.

All three of my cats, Zena, Bexar, and Princess, have picked the large cats litter boxes as their favorite. The extra space gives them plenty of room to scratch the kitty litter and bury their business. This leads to more litter box dust in my home. Sweeping is a daily chore in my home. However they have chosen their favorite cats litter boxes.

Fortunately there are many choices for your cats litter boxes. From small litter boxes to large litter boxes, covered to uncovered, there is a litter box to keep both you and your cat happy.

Cat Litter Boxes

If you love your cat but hate cleaning the cats litter boxes, you may consider a disposable litter box. These cats litter boxes contain a pad at the bottom of the pan to absorb the cat waste and the whole thing can be thrown away. This is a convenient option when taking your cat on a trip but can become expensive if used as your cats litter boxes every day.

Cats litter boxes with tops are great for keeping kitty litter dust to a minimum in your cats litter boxes. The provide privacy for your cats and you don’t have to watch your cat do her business. The cats litter boxes top does restrict cats from being able to scratch and bury their waste with ease. This may lead your cat to standing outside of the box and scratching the kitty litter spilling it onto the floor.

Open air cats litter boxes allow cats to freely scratch and bury their business. While my cats adore their extra large cats litter boxes, it produces more dust than I like.

One of the coolest cats litter boxes I have seen so far is a cabinet that contains a large litter box inside of a tall cabinet. The cats can easily climb inside to do their business in this cats litter boxes. A decorative curtain hangs down to give both your cat and yours self some privacy plus it prevents most dust from leaving the cabinet. These litter boxes come in a variety of sizes, colors, wood types and curtain patterns.

Automatic cats litter boxes are awesome for those who do not clean the cats litter boxes daily. These boxes contain a sensor that detects when a cat enters and leaves the box. After a preset time, a rake slides over the kitty litter, tilts down so the rake is in the kitty litter, and then scoops the waste to a collection area at the head of the cats litter boxes. The waste can then be collected and disposed of.

The most technology advanced cats litter boxes is from Cat Genie. This miracle of technology is like a toilet bowl for your cat. The Cat Genie needs to have a source of cold water and a drain to work. Laundry rooms are ideal for this cats litter boxes. After your cat uses the cat genie cats litter box, the machine cleans, washes, and sanitizes the reusable litter and then “flushes” the waste down the drain. Those who use the Cat Genie report that their cats enjoy watching the flushing process after they have finished their business. It is amazing what this technological world has brought us!


Finding the right cats litter boxes is a balancing act between your cats’ preferences and your own. Myself, I choose to go the cheaper way with simple, plastic, cats litter boxes. Overtime I plan on upgrading the cats litter boxes to a cabinet. For now, both the cats and I are happy with our litter boxes. Too bad I can’t get them to sweep the floor!

Follow the link for more information about cats litter boxes of for information about catnip toys for cats.


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