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Cavalero Hill Dog Park - Snohomish County Dog Parks

Updated on December 12, 2013

A Visit to the Cavalero Hill Dog Park - Lake Stevens, WA

With my two border collies Tim and Hank as my companions we have set out to visit and review the off leash dog parks we find both in our local area and in our travels. Recently we visited the Cavalero Hill Off-leash Dog area at Cavalero Hill County Park in Lake Stevens Washington for me to enjoy a morning stroll while Tim and Hank enjoyed a morning romp. Dogs and their humans will find two fully fenced off leash areas - a three acre meadow area and a smaller "shy dog" area that is about a quarter acre in size. A supply of clean-up bags is provided., but visitors need to bring their own water for both humans and thirsty pups.

The park opened in October 2009 through the efforts of Snohomish County, donated material and volunteers and is a welcome addtion to the growing list of Snohomish County dog parks.

Where is Cavalero Hill Dog Park? - 2032 79th Avenue - Lake Stevens, Washington

Cavelero Hill Park is located near Lake Stevens, Washington on a hill overlooking the city of Everett and the Snohomish River. Cavalero Hill Park provides an access point to the 23 mile long Centennial Trail which is popular for walking, biking and horsebackriding.

A marker -
2032 79th Avenue, Lake Stevens, WA
get directions

Cavalero Hill County Park Sign and Map - A bulletin board and sign marks the way to the dog area

Cavalero Hill County Park
Cavalero Hill County Park

A bulletin board marks the short trail that leads to the dog park. A large map is included along with information about the park.

Visiting the Dog Park: Having Fun, Staying Safe - By Cheryl S. Smith

Dog parks are great - but not necessarily for all dogs, any time. Taking your dog to an offleash dog area is a great way to exercise and socialize your canine companion. Dog parks offer fresh air, open space, and freedom. They give your dog a chance to be a dog. But not all dogs enjoy the experience and not all dog parks are safe for all dogs. I found this book to be a valuable tool to help me learn practical skills like how to evaluate my dog's temperament to decide if he's dog park ready and to learn how to read canine body language to avoid problems. I can now recognize the signs that my dogs are getting stressed or over-stimulated and need some down time. The book also contains some great dog park etiquette tips for both humans and dogs!


This book has very useful information about how to make sure you and your dog have a fun and safe experience at the dog park.


Shade Trees and a Picnic Bench at Cavalero Hill Dog Park - A Place to Relax and Sit in the Shade

(Photo by VickiSims)

When we arrived at Cavalero Hill Dog Park we had the entire park to ourselves. As soon as we enter, my border collie, Tim is in a hurry to explore the park and doesn't care about any of the amenities, but there are several shade trees, picnic tables and benches where humans can sit and relax in either the shade or the sun.

Doggie Clean-up Supplies - Handy Clean-up Bags and Containers

Although Cavalero Hill Dog Park has a dispenser with clean-up bags, I always carry a supply of clean-up bags with me in case there is an "oops" moment before I get to where the bags are located. I carry my bags on a dispenser attached to my dog leash, so I never have to remember to grab some on my way out of the door.

Agility Tunnel at the Cavalero Hill Dog Park - Hank Checks Out the Agility Equipment Tunnel

(Photo by VickiSims)

Hank is busy doing his own explorations and checking out a tunnel provided for dogs to play in or to train or practice agility skills.

Hurdles to Jump at Cavelero Hill Dog Park - Learn to Jump Over Hurdles

(Photo by VickiSims)

There are also several hurdles in varying heights where you can train your dog to jump.

Practice Weaving and Jumping at Cavalero Hill Dog Park - Cavalero Park Practice Equipment for Agility Training

Cavelero Hill Dog Park Agility Equipment
Cavelero Hill Dog Park Agility Equipment

Cavalero Hill Dog Park is equipped with a great assortment of sturdy equipment to practice agility skills.

Tim and Hank and New Friends at Cavalero Hill Dog Park - Fun Romping in the Cavalero Hill Dog Park Meadow

(Photo by VickiSims)

No long after we arrived, some other dogs and their people entered the park. It doesn't take long for Tim and Hank to get acquainted and within a few minutes play time begins. The large open meadow area at Cavalero Hill dog park is a great place to run and play chase games.

The Benefits of Off-Leash Dog Areas

Exercise for people and their pets

Prevents or reduces obesity

Dogs can release excess energy

Socialization for people and dogs

Bonding between people and dogs

Can reduce dog behavior problems

Reduces dog boredom

A tired dog is a good dog

Take a Video Tour of the Cavalero Hill Dog Park - Enjoy this Virtual Visit to the Dog Park

Running Along the Perimeter of Cavalero Hill Dog Park - A Blur of Running Dogs

(Photo by VickiSims)

Soon there was a blur of racing dogs along the perimeter of the meadow by the fence of the dog park.

Make Sure Your Dog Stays Hydrated - These Handy Containers Make Bringing Water Easy

Cavalero Hill Dog Park doesn't have running water so it is important to remember to bring your own for yourself and especially for your dog. These handy water containers also provide a built in bowl to make it easy for your dog to stay hydrated.

Cavalero Hill Park Shy Dog Off-Leash Dog Area - A Separate Area for Dogs Who Don't Like to Mingle

(Photo by VickiSims)

For those dogs that are more particular about their choice of friends or who would rather play with just their owner, there is also the smaller shy dog off leash area.

Leaving Cavelero Hill Dog Park - Time to Go Home

(Photo by VickiSims)

I've had a pleasant morning walk and my dogs have had a couple of hours of off-leash exercise and fun with some canine pals. Tim and Hank each give four paws up to our visit to Cavalero Hill Dog Park, but now it's time to leash up and head for home.

Leash-up When You Leave the Dog Park - Non-Slip Martingale Collars and Great Leashes

Martingale collars (also called non-slip collars) prevent a dog from slipping out of their collar. Martingale collars will prevent a dog from giving you "the slip". A good leash and collar are always essentials to have.

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