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Celebrity Pooch-Musings of a middle aged dog

Updated on January 26, 2014

Looking at life from a dogs point of view.

Joey is my poodle dog and she is seven years old. Middle aged from a dogs average age lifespan. I thought it would be interesting to tell the story of her life from her perspective. Looking at live from her point of view. So I write the story and she communicates to me her thoughts. It's interesting so far as to what she has come up with to share and if you are a dog lover I'm sure you will be entertained and amused.So here is a few short stories for you to read and enjoy. I will add on as new adventures are shared in the future either by adding on to this lens or starting a new lens. Hope you enjoy this as its been fun to put pen to paper and share my dogs inner thoughts.

That's me getting my belly scratched
That's me getting my belly scratched

It Was A Gong Show The Day I was Born

Well my mum, Ophelia had six pups that day and I was one of the six. The female of the family that looked after us helped with the birth. My mother was a single parent ( sound familiar)and was a very busy mum trying to feed, keep us clean and as we grew , keep track of six meandering puppies.

As time went by my brothers and sisters, one by one disappeared as people would come by and take them away. They all liked me for what reason I really do not know but my family somehow wanted to keep me around. Found out later that I was the runt of my puppy family and I was a very special colour-black. Not sure why they liked black but they did.

So in a very short period of time there was me ( Joey ) my Mother (Odessa ) and my family. Oh yes did I mention that my gender is female? Joey is a male name and after a bit of therapy I learned to accept my name.

Well this a short story about my beginning and the intention of the blog is to share my many life experiences. By the way the male member of my family is my composer of this and I just share my thoughts with him and he puts it all together for me. So be sure to check back often for more posts, about one a week to start as I will share my life’s experiences.

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Lillian Rose Adjustable 7-16 inch Tuxedo Dog Collar
Lillian Rose Adjustable 7-16 inch Tuxedo Dog Collar

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Chuckit! Ball Launcher Classic Medium (25 inches)

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Parisian Pet I Love Mommy Dog T-Shirt, S
Parisian Pet I Love Mommy Dog T-Shirt, S

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This is me on a giant snowball
This is me on a giant snowball

The Suitcase exclusion factor

When vacations are not well planned

Have you ever gone on vacation? Have you ever not gone on vacation when you thought you were going on vacation? Does that make sense or what. You know I sometimes get confused with the things my family does at times. The reasoning is in my dog mind is if you are going on vacation and I’am part of the family then you are taking me on vacation as well.

I hear the talk, you know they make plans and then they change those plans and on and on it goes and to me its simple, I get in the car and I get special treatment at the airport and I get off the plane and I’m on vacation. That’s how it works O.K? You know I’ve worked hard and it’s time to relax a bit so off we go on vacation.

I watch them pack, the female member of the family seems to be the organizer and the male of the family kinda follows direction. He uses this phrase a lot at times “Yes Dear” it seems to comfort her and things go quite smoothly and I think they call that cooperation.

Well the suitcases are all packed and left by the door and off to bed early because tomorrow is the big day. We go on vacation.

Something is wrong, where is my suitcase? I travel lightly so maybe my stuff is in one of the other suitcases. That’s O.K I can handle that, but wait a minute something is wrong they are fussing with me hugging me petting me, that’s more of a night ritual so why are we doing this at 4 am in the morning? I’m getting nervous and I’m doing my poodle dance and running to the door and sitting beside the luggage so it’s easy to scoop me up and put me in the car and all that stuff.

Why are you putting me in my kennel? I really am confused now because they are assuring me that my families daughter will be coming to pick me up. Then it hit me no suitcase for me means no vacation for me and worse than that I’am going to their daughters place while “they vacation”.

I will fill you in a bit later about my experiences at their daughters house, lets just say it wasn’t pretty for me and wait till I tell you about their dog to. See you later….

This is Lucy my herding dog friend
This is Lucy my herding dog friend

Houdini Goes Home

The great escape followed by a great rescue

Well, to continue with the story from my previous post, not long after my family left on vacation their daughters husband came to pick me up and took me to their place. I was not happy and I chose to express that unhappiness that night but I will get to that a bit later.

Have you ever met a Lucy? Likely not, so I will introduce Lucy to you. When you walk through the door at their house this giant dog meets you and not only does Lucy’s tail wag but her whole body wags and she tends to dribble from her mouth too.Because I’m like twenty times smaller than her it’s a bit intimidating. When someone takes off their shoes she takes one of them in her mouth and walks around the house with it in her mouth. She likes to leave it where ever all the while she is wagging that whole body of hers. Did I mention that Lucy has steely blue eyes? Scary I must say but they are full of lots of love too.

For the next few nights I expressed my displeasure with being there and I howled and woke them up a few times. I did manage to settle in a bit when I stayed with my families granddaughter. I slept with her in her bed. That was a bit O.K but I was home sick.

They would put me out in their back yard with Lucy to go to the bathroom. Lucy seems to think I’m a sheep or a cow or something because she tries to herd me around. That’s her nature and I don’t like it when she tries to herd me around. I find a hole in the fence and I get out and go to the door and whine to get back in the house. They find the hole where I got out and block it off. I’m a poodle and very smart and I find another hole and get out again. This drives them a bit crazy but that’s what I did because I miss my family.

One day I simply hit the wall emotionally. I really can’t tell you for sure that I planned this or that it was a spontaneous thing on my part but I decided to go home. I’ve heard a story once about a cat and a dog going home and that was a long long way, so surely I could go about two kilometers.

Now let me see I go down this street and then down this street, yes that’s the way this looks familiar. I keep checking over my shoulder to see if anyone is following me. Oops a car, they slow down to avoid me because I look nervous and unsure of myself . Up ahead is a four lane divided street with lots of traffic and that’s really scary for me so I figure it will all work out so I run across at the light. That’s rude don’t honk your horn at me. I make it across safely and now just two or three streets and I will be home.

I’m home sitting on the doorstep waiting to be let in but no one is coming to the door. I do my poodle pity whimper sound but not a sound from inside the house. I sit and wait.

Meanwhile my families daughter has realized that something is really wrong. I’m nowhere to be found and she is getting frantic. She sends out the kids in their bikes to look for me. They call and call my name but no way can I hear them and besides that I’m where I should be and that’s home. The daughter is dreading the phone call that she will have to make to my family telling them that she has lost me.

Now I get worried because my family is not here so what do I do now? I guess I will wait a bit longer and now I hear from a distance my name being called out. Then around the corner comes the kids on their bikes. I’m kinda happy to see them. The grand-daughter scoops me up in her arms and that does feel good to me but they did not bring a leash to bring me back to their place so she does the next best thing. There is a bucket with clothes pins in it. My family likes to do things to reduce their (carbon footprint) whatever that is. It seems to make them happy so that’s O.K with me. She dumps out the clothes pins and puts me in the bucket and I get a ride on the bike and that is fun and I like the wind in my face.

So that’s how it was for three long lonely weeks but I taught them a lesson because I overheard my family talking about taking me the next time they go on a vacation. My next post will be about a trip to see their other daughter and about a little game that they played called…. dog in a bag. Oh yes I will post a couple of pictures for you to see Lucy and a real nice picture of me.

A Dog's Purpose

A Dog's Purpose: A Novel for Humans
A Dog's Purpose: A Novel for Humans

This is an interesting and fun read.


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