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How To Make Cheap Dog Clothes With Simple Patterns And Cute Fabric

Updated on August 30, 2016

Such a Princess

Make Cheap Dog Clothes

Making cheap dog clothes for your pet is easy. Inexpensive dog clothes are easy to make using recycled kids clothing. Since buttons and zippers are already a part of most kids garments you can work around these closure to creature simple, stylish clothes for your dog. Using small sized children's clothing from the clearance rack is another easy way to make cheap dog clothes. Since the garments come in a variety of sizes you are likely to find some to fit you pet with very little alteration. I like to purchase toddler clothing for my dog, he wears a 2T and sweatshirts and t-shirt fit him perfectly. The are also less expensive than clothing for the pet department.

Before shopping for a pattern to make cheap dog clothes, you must measure your pet to get a proper fit. Dogs come in all sizes and shapes so many patterns are made to accommodate various sizes. Look for a pattern with several sizes in the package. You will be able to customize the pattern to fit your dog. Most patterns have instructions on how to make alterations. I often use old clothing or left over fabric from other craft projects.

I like to decide the style of dog clothes I want for my dog Scooter. Since he seems to enjoy the warmth of the clothes I make him, most of his clothing are coats. If you are using recycle garments, fit the pattern pieces so that buttons, snap, zippers and pocket are useful on the clothing. I like to have a pocket on mine to keep treats, plastic bags and other useful items. Since closure are one of the hardest parts to sew I like to reuse them as closure for cheap dog clothes. I love to craft and sewing is one of my favorite crafting activities. If you are looking for cheap clothing for dogs making them is probably the best using recycled materials.

I love to sew for my pet and he love to dress up. One day he decided to dress himself and came to me with his head stuck in the armhole of one of his favorite jackets. It was like he was saying he needed help because I forgot to get him dressed for the cold weather. He is too funny and although my husband thinks he doesn't like clothes this only proves how much he likes to dress up.

Buy Or Make Cheap Dog Clothes

Sewing your own dog clothing is simple a small scrap of fabric can be turned into a designer outfit.

Recycled Clothes

McCall's Patterns M5998 Pet Clothes, All Sizes
McCall's Patterns M5998 Pet Clothes, All Sizes

Many different styles with all size patterns in one package.

All Sizes in One Envelope to fit any size dog.

Includes pattern pieces and sewing instructions and suggested fabric list.

Easy to follow Patterns


What a Cutie

Polar Fleece to Keep Your Baby Warm

Polar Fleece for your dog

Cute polar fleece design create a beautiful and cozy coat or jacket for you favorite buddy. i like to use warm fabrics with lot of embellishments. Polar fleece come in many patterns. I especially enjoy the dogie pattern ones for my pet. Red is my favorite for my Schnauzer since he is a Parti and is black and white it really makes a statement.

Small dog tend to get colder easier than larger dog. You may find that if your dog is groomed into a short haircut he will get colder than usual when the weather changes. Make sure you pet is not over-heated in his clothing. If you happen to live in a warmer climate choose light weight fleece so your baby stays warm but not over-heated

Schnauzer Clothing

How to make a dog coat

Look at how easy it is to design a custom outfit for your baby. I like to make clothing for all seasons. Coats for winter and t-shirts for the spring. How about using and old sweater for a recycled project?

DIY Dog Clothes

Free Dog Patterns

Dog Patterns for FREE

If you are on a budget use free patterns and recycled fabric to create stylish clothing. I like to use the sleeves of old jacket and sweaters for easy to sew projects.

Adorable Clothing

Dog Clothing and Custom Designs for Everyday

Filled with ideas and easy projects you can make easily. This is one of the best books I own.

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    • lesliesinclair profile image

      lesliesinclair 4 years ago

      Not me, because I don't have pets here but plan to have them in the future. Kids whose families dress their dogs will have fun using these patterns.

    • darkflowers profile image

      Anja Toetenel 4 years ago from The Hague, the Netherlands

      I don't dress my dogs up for fashion or so. I do it when it is really cold outside, especially my oldest dog needs some protection then! In case of a cold winter and/or heavy rain my dogs have sweaters ;-) They look cute in it hahahaha :-D I loved your Lens, great ideas!

    • junkcat profile image

      junkcat 4 years ago

      I love to dress my dog. I never thought about making her clothes. Thanks for the advice.