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Cheetah Facts For Kids - With worksheets

Updated on May 11, 2013

Fun Cheetah Facts

Cheetahs are amazing animals. Their grace and speed is something to be admired and kids do love to learn about this animal.

On this page I have collected fun cheetah facts for children, free printable activity sheets and worksheets that will help the kids to learn about cheetah as well as a lot of additional information so you can best prepare in order to answer any question the kids might ask you - from the top sped to why they are considered an endangered species.

Enjoy these cheetah facts for kids and may you and the kids learn something new.

Images used on this page are in public domain, CC or my own material unless stated otherwise. Intro Photo: Yahin CC

Cheetah ID Card

Basic information about this spotted animal

Land Mammal from The Cat Family

Latin Name: Acinonyx jubatus

Home Address: Lives in Africa and some parts of Asia

Occupation: Fast Runner

Food: Carnivore, cheetahs eat meat

Closest Relatives: Puma

When did cheetahs first appear: Late Pliocene

Height: 21 to 72 kg (46 to 160 lb)

Weight: 66 to 94 cm (26 to 37 in) at the shoulder

Free Printable Cheetah Facts Worksheets for Kids

Worksheets are a great way to teach children. There are only a handful available on-line. I will keep on adding more as I find them.

Where Do Cheetahs Live? - And where they have lived?

Habitat Map
Habitat Map

As you can tell from the picture above the cheetah were quite common across Africa and in larger parts of Asia but their habitat has decreased significantly.

Today you can find them in sub-Saharan Africa and some populations live in Northern Africa. As for Asia populations can be found in Iran and there might be a smaller population in Pakistan however there is no firm evidence of that.

The largest population of cheetahs is in Botswana.

Cheetah Habitat

Cheetahs thrive in open environments such as savannah and grasslands. The areas must be populated with other animals as they are food for this lovely furry creature.

Fun and Educational Read About Cheetahs - Perfect for Kids

Cheetah Fun Fact

Cheetahs can't roar!


How Fast Can Cheetahs Run?

Fastest land mammal

One of the most impressive things about cheetahs is their speed. They can run a bit faster than 60 miles per hour but they can't maintain that speed for long.

They also do small speed bursts where they can reach speeds around 70 mph! They can maintain this speed for only a couple of hundred meters though.


How and What do Cheetahs Hunt?

Food and Hunting Behavioue

Cheetahs are hunters. Their number one animal they like to hunt and eat is the Thomson's gazelle. They also adore impala, Gran't Gazzeles, the Springbok.

They also wont mind hares and chicken like birds that you see in Savannah.

When they hunt in packs they might undertake a bigger prey such as an adult zebra.

When do cheetahs hunt?

Unlike other big cats that prefer to hunt at night, cheetahs most often hunt in the morning or in the evening.

How do cheetahs hunt?

They rely on their sense of sight and not on sense of smell and when they spot their meal they start to stalk it (they usually crawl in the tall grass to hide themselves). When they come close enough to their prey they start to chase it. When they start to chase it the hunt is over in under a minute, either successful or not as cheetahs can't sustain their top speed too long. About half the time they are successful.

How Many Spots Does A Cheetah Have

1, 2, 3...

The number of spots varies from cheetah to cheetah so there is no specific number nor is there an official average number.

Free Cheetah Clip Art - These are all in public domain so you are free to use them for your projects

Click thumbnail to view full-size
RunningRunningMug ShotRelaxedBlack and WhiteDrinking from a Bowl
Mug Shot
Mug Shot
Black and White
Black and White
Drinking from a Bowl
Drinking from a Bowl

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Did you like the page? Is there anything else you would like to know about cheetahs? Just want to say you were here? Feel free to do so as your feedback inspires me to work on new content.


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