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Chicken coop plans

Updated on September 27, 2012

Diy Plans for Chicken Coops

If you are bent on building a chicken coop, then use diy chicken coop as they can provide you with all the necessary details. Diy plans are not only economical but also very manageable. Diy plans are those plans that require users to assemble the provided materials.

coop building plans
coop building plans

4 Tips When Building Chicken Coop

Chicken coop plans are available if you intend to care for chickens either as a hobby or to raise them for their eggs. Deciding on the right design can be quite a daunting task especially if this is your first time to own a coop. But picking the correct plan is important if you want to ensure the wellbeing and comfort of the chickens as well as your investments. When shopping around, here are the tips that you must know to get the most from the project.

Tip #1: Check your local regulations about raising chickens

The whole idea of raising chickens can be very exciting but before you get carried away, you must first check with your local authorities about the existing regulations about raising the animal. There are states that limit the number of hens in your backyard and the design and size of the coop. You should get all these important information before purchasing your chicken coop plans. Always be guided with the regulations to avoid future problems with your neighbor and local authorities.

Tip #2: Shop around

It is true that chicken coop plans are more affordable compared with the pre-built types. But in order to get higher savings, you need to shop around. The cost of chicken coop plans ranges from $20 to $100 depending on the complexity of the design. By visiting the different sites offering the plan, you can find the most appropriate for your needs and budget. If possible, always negotiate the price before making your final purchase.

Tip #3: Make your own research

Before buying the chicken coop plans, you need to be aware of the factors to consider. They include the size, design and materials used for the project. Definitely, all of these can affect the price of the coop. If you only intend to keep a few chickens, you should go for a smaller size since this is more affordable compared with the larger types.

Tip #4: Choose your location

Once you have purchased the chicken coop plans and you are ready to build the chicken house, decide where you will place it. As much as possible, choose an area that receives enough sunlight and drains water. In case that it rains, water can easily move out and the sun can help dry the area quickly. Preferably, this should also be on a higher place to make it more difficult for predators to reach the animal.

Chicken coop plans are constructed to fit even the most amateur builder. Before you start with the project, read the instructions carefully and understand each step before proceeding with the work.

DIY barn coop
DIY barn coop

Diy chicken coop

How to build a chicken coop

Easily constructible chicken coop for chicken tractor projects are something to take advantage of. Mobile coops are rather popular these days. Moreover, because they are simply easy to move and this makes them more preferable over stationary coops. Coop plans for mobile chicken coop are easily available in the market. One can opt either for a pre-built coop or for a self-designed coop built on order. Diy plans for mobile chicken coops can also be used alternatively. Some detailed coop plans for mobile chicken coops are also very popular. Detailed coop plans integrate many modern concepts of chicken coops to make them even more easily to manage for the coop owners.

They are also very comfortable for chicken to live in because detailed plans facilitate chickens the best. Mobile chicken coops that have nesting boxes, roof with a run, dropping tray etc will have many more advantages for both the owner as well as the chickens. The additional advantage of having a mobile chicken coop is that it is easier to maintain the lawn since they do not wear out the garden floor. Movable chicken coop projects can hence be a plus if one has a modern home if they are built with proper guidance.

Other sorts of do-it-yourself plans are ones that are printable and downloadable. Chicken coop plans in printable form can be very handy for beginners as they guide one efficiently through the process of coop construction.

Apart from playing a role in guiding and organizing the coop project, diy coop plans also help users to modify the plan a little to suit one's own requirements. Diy coop plans can be tailored and a few details can be added or subtracted from the plan design. The modified coop design can sometimes also be ordered to be built by professionals. Professional help while building a coop can turn your coop into a successful and sustainable coop. This is because it will allow you to raise the chickens in a successful and organized way. Diy chicken coops are cheaper as compared to readymade coops. If one has a low budget and needs to build a great coop structure then diy coops are the best choice.

A huge variety of chicken coops is available in the market but one of the popular types of coop plans are tractor plans. A-frame coops are triangular and resemble the shape of the alphabetical letter A. They provide protection and fresh air if a netted A-frame coop is chosen. Raising chickens using A frame coop is an ideal situation. If you plan to install these coops in the lawn or garden, they are the perfect coops to have. These coops provide protection from predators as they are fully integrated with wire mesh. It is better to prefer a plastic wire mesh because metal wires corrode easily. A frame coops usually have a floor lined with wire mesh too, to avoid predators digging their way into the chicken coop. These coop designs are also movable and can be easily dragged to any position. They weigh lesser than other solid plans are hence easy to handle. Using A-frame coop benefits the lawn a great deal. The area where the coop is placed receives a constant supply of manure in the form of chicken droppings or compost. The coop is also healthy in terms of fresh air and doesnt gives out a foul odor like other enclosed coop designs. These coops are easy to manage as the chickens can be easily approached and fresh eggs can be collected daily.

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chicken coop
chicken coop

Keeping chickens

Homely and coops are the most efficient solution to keep the chickens healthy in your home. Chicken coop designs help novice carpenters to build chicken coops efficiently. Chicken coop plans and designs obtained from online search are very handy for people who wish to keep chickens at their home. Using these coop designs one can easily build a chicken coop. Most of the designs available online also guide the customers about how they should with the chicken coop. You can find out if there is a need for any special tools while building the coop in a step by step process. You can easily select the type of look and feel you want to give to the coop. One can keep a simple cozy coop for the chickens. Chickens do not care whether their coop looks glamorous or dull. All they want is a simple chicken coop that keeps them safe and sound.

Many people find chickens to be of great advantage. For this reason the urban population also considers keeping chickens at home. But the questions arise that what type of chicken coop to have? Are there chicken coops available for all? How to go about building a chicken coop. First of all you might stop and think that why should you even make or buy a chicken coop? Having a chicken coop can be a great advantage. It will keep the chickens in one place comfortably. Chickens can safely lay eggs in a chicken coop without external threats. It prevents the chicken poop and chicken feed from being scattered all around the place. It will prove to be much more economical to keep the feed in the feeders rather than randomly scattering them on the grass etc. Since there are uncountable coop designs available in the market, one can easily choose a coop plan that suits you the best.

how to build a chicken coop
how to build a chicken coop

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My you tube video

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Safe and Portable Chicken Coop Design

Chicken coops can be portable or stock-still. No matter whether the coop is movable or not, it should not fail to provide chickens with the basic needs. Otherwise the life of chickens is at a risk, which of course no owner wants. Safe and portable chicken coop designs are pretty much in vogue these days. This trend is widely observed in urban areas where the homes have to be maintained and kept spick and span on a regular basis. For such a growing trend it is not possible that a wide array of movable coop designs is unavailable in the market. A portable chicken coop design offers many advantages for its owners. These advantages allow the owners to maintain the hygiene and health of the chickens. In turn, chickens provide the owners with a fresh supply of eggs. Keeping chickens at home in urban areas would have been impossible if chicken coop designs were not available online.


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