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Chicken Diapers, Really?

Updated on April 9, 2015

Chicken Diapers do exist...And they're not as "crazy" as you may think!

When you first hear the words "chicken diapers" they sound about as believable as a snake apron or guinea pig slippers. However, unlike the latter two, chicken diapers are 100% real and as popular as ever. You may think that only farmers have chickens for eggs or meat but there is a rapidly growing segment of suburban homeowners with a run and coop in their backyard. Chickens make for great pets and, of course, they are daily egglayers. It only makes sense that a product has now popped up enabling this new breed of casual poultry owner to be able to bring their beloved feathered pet indoors to hang out with the family.

What is A Chicken Diaper?

And Who Would Want One?

Over the past few years, hen ownership among suburbanites has risen dramatically. Many towns have even added poultry ownership to their list of permits. Typically, this permit will allow suburban homeowners to have up to twelve hens (no roosters) on their property. Town stipulations may include having a coop and a fenced area for the chickens - giving each one at least ten square feet of roaming space.

This gives residents the ability to bring that simple, live off the land vibe right onto their white picket-fenced property. And, not only that, but with chicken diapers, homeowners can bring them right into their living room as well!

Oh, But Look How Cute! - Now Your Pets Can Watch Modern Family With You!

Now Chickens Can Come Inside The House

These feathered friends make a lot of waste and they've not yet been able to be potty trained so for now, chicken diapers are the only solution to being able to bring these poultry pets into your house. With a chicken nappie strapped on, a feathery friend can enjoy all the comforts of home (couch lounging, dinner at the dining room table, etc.) all without making a mess - except for a stray feather here and there.

Most casual owners allow their chickens some "free-roaming" time during the day - that is, outside of the coop and the run. This could mean some running around in the backyard (chickens love to look for worms) or even some time on top of the compost heap (chickens LOVE this and will help to decompose your compost pile very quickly). For those chickens with diapers, that could also mean a little time indoors - just put the diaper on right before allowing the chicken inside and let your chicken roam around freely. Your chicken may decide to peck at crumbs on the floor or just hop on the couch and lie down for a nap.

How To Measure Your Chicken For a Chicken Diaper

chicken diapers
chicken diapers

It's easy to get the right size fit chicken diaper for your chicken. Just measure from the base of the neck, across the back and down to the vent. If your chicken is still growing, you can look up your breed of chicken to see how large she gets. Most chickens will fall into the standard size: 6" - 12".

A Video About How To Put A Chicken Diaper On a Chicken

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