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All About Chihuahua - Chiwawa Puppies

Updated on January 23, 2011

Your Guide on Finding Happy and Healthy Chihuahua (aka Chiwawa) Dogs and Puppies!

Buying a Chihuahua (commonly misspelled as Chiwawa) puppy can be stressful for first time owners, but luckily there are lots of websites out there to help you find the perfect puppy. This page is your guide to finding your dream puppy through the power of the internet!


Types of Chihuahua (Chiwawa)

1. Shorthaired Chihuahua (Chiwawa)- the most typical type, short haired Chihuahuas have short smooth coat with large upright ears

2. Longhaired Chihuahua (Chiwawa) - this type looks less wirey and less "Chihuahua-y" due to their longer coat, which can be straight or curly

3. Applehead Chihuahua (Chiwawa)- "applehead" refers to a Chihuahua with a skull broader than the jaw

4. Deerhead Chihuahua (Chiwawa) - this describes a Chihuahua with a slim body and a sloping forehead

Directory of Sites With Responsible Chihuahua Breeders

1. American Chihuahua Club:

2. ACC Breed Mentors - a list of the top Chihuahua breeders in every state:

Why Choosing the Right Chiwawa Breeder is so Important

More than most other breeds, the personality of a pet Chihuahua depends on its family's genetics (the natural temperament of his parents and other family members) and how it is raised.Therefore, it is extremely important that you only consider getting Chihuahua (Chiwawa) puppies from a reputable breeder!!! Chihuahuas sold at pet stores rarely have good personalities.Even when you look for Chihuahua (Chiwawa) breeders, look with caution: some people who claim to be breeders really don't know anything about how to raise Chihuahuas properly. In order to make sure a breeder is legitimate:

1. Ask to see the registration papers for the mother of the puppy you're interested in. Make sure the breeder's real name is listed on these papers; this way you know the breeder truly raised the dog and didn't broker him/her from somewhere else.

2. Ask for the veterinarian records for the puppy; you should get proof that the puppy is healthy.

3. Ask the puppy's age; Chiwawa puppies need to be at LEAST 8 weeks old (preferably 10) in order to be removed from their mothers.

4. Look around the breeder's dwelling; make sure the area the puppies are living in is free of fecal matter. Once Chihuahua puppies are used to living in waste can be difficult to housebreak (potty train).

5. Ask the breeder is he has any associations with the American Kennel club or the American Chihuahua club. Good breeders often register their dogs with the AKC.

6. Last, Google the breeder's name on the internet. Searching for someone online is often an effective way to find out if they have a good reputation in the breeder community.


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      cierra 4 years ago

      Try this trick it is amazing

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      this is one of the cutest puppies ever is it for sale

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      that dog is so cute i want it so bad i can't wait to get that dog.