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Chuck It and Other Ball Launchers for Dogs

Updated on September 21, 2014

These Dog Ball Machines and Ball Throwers are the Perfect Way to Tire Out Any Pooch!

Got an energetic dog that likes to go go go? Excitable dogs can be a bit tough to tire out - and especially difficult when their human playmates tire out well before they do! It seems like dog toys like the Chuck It dog ball launcher were invented just for those tireless, big-ball-of-energy dogs that never seem to stop. You see, with a dog tennis ball launcher you can consistently throw balls well over 100 feet for your dog to fetch - best of all, it takes barely any effort to do so. Finally, dogs can get a complete workout without going home half-energized because their owner pooped out.

hyper ball launcher for dogs
hyper ball launcher for dogs

HyperDog Ball Launcher

The Mack Daddy of Ball Shooters - Launching Over 220 Feet!

If your dog loves to fetch, truly, truly L-O-V-E-S it, then this is the dog ball thrower for you and your fetch-happy pooch. Using a slingshot-style launcher, the Hyper Ball Launcher allows you to easily throw balls over 220 feet in the distance - which is much further than other dog ball throwers on the market. It's pretty much impossible for any dog to out fetch it because while it's effortless for the dog owner to send balls soaring far, far away, it's the dog who has to run after the ball and bring it back every time! The HyperDog tennis ball launcher is available from

hyperdog tennis dog launcher
hyperdog tennis dog launcher

Tennis Dog

A Dog Ball Launcher That's Fun for Your Dog and You!

The Tennis Dog is actually one of the most entertaining of dog ball shooters because while it looks like a tennis racquet of sorts, it's actually more like a slingshot - easily launching balls over 75 feet. Dog owners will end up having just as much fun as their dog - definitely a true interactive dog toy! Retail price: $14.95.

Chuck It Dog Tennis Ball Thrower - The Most Popular Dog Ball Launcher in the World!

The Chuck It tennis ball shooter is favorite amongst dogs and their owners. Why? Because it let's you throw tennis balls over 100 feet with barely any effort at all. So, that means dogs get to play fetch longer because their human friends aren't tiring out so quickly. The ChuckIt fetch toy also lets you avoid picking up yucky, slimy tennis balls - all you need to do is "scoop" up the ball with the Chuck It launcher - and then fling it out again for another round of fetch!

tennis ball machine for dogs
tennis ball machine for dogs

Fetchtastic Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher for Dogs

The Highest-Quality Fetch Machine Available

If you want a durable, high-end tennis ball machine for your dog that will last well beyond its warranty, then Fetchtastic is definitely the product for you. Dog owners swear by it and rave about it's ability to launch tennis ball after tennis ball without quitting or needing to be adjusted. Fetchtastic's manufacturer is so confident of it's durability that they offer a 2 year warranty. Fetchtastic launches regular or small tennis balls every 7 seconds or dogs can customize launch times. Retail price: $149.95 with free shipping.

Go Dog Go ball launcher
Go Dog Go ball launcher

Go Dog Go Ball Launcher for Dogs

This Ball Machine Automatically Throws Balls for Your Dog to Fetch!

To GoDogGo Remote Fetch ball launcher will throw ball after ball to your dog so you don't have to! Once you train your dog to put the ball back into the bucket, your dog can customize the launch times - as the Go Dog Go ball sensor detects when a ball is present. The GoDogGo Dog Ball Shooter includes a 6 month manufacturer's warranty and 6 Go Dog Go tennis balls. Available for $124.99 plus shipping.

Another Fun Fetch Toy to Tire Your Dog Out - Fun, Fun, Fun!

This dog toy is just what your dog needs to tire himself out!

Know of Any More COOL Dog Ball Launchers or Fetch Toys We Can Add?

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