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Cleaners That Help Get Rid of Dog Urine

Updated on September 30, 2015

Have a P Problem?

If a puppy is the newest member of your household, or perhaps an older dog can't quite always make it outside, you may be looking for an effective dog urine cleaner. Although there are many cleaners on the market that claim to remove all odors and stains, some of them just do not seem to live up to their claims. Surprisingly, some of the best dog urine cleaners can be made from products already in your home.

Continue reading for many tips, tricks, and products that are well-known for removing pee stains and smells.

Homemade Dog Urine Cleaners

Before using any cleaner always spot test your carpets. This involves putting a little dab of the cleaner you choose to use in an out of the way place, letting it sit for twenty four hours, and then returning to see if it has altered the color of the carpet. Some of these items most people will have around their home for other purposes.


Using peroxide is a commonly known remedy for removing dog urine stains and smells. Take two parts peroxide and one part water then taking a paper towel or small cloth dab the area that is stained. Dab the entire area and afterwards use another cloth or paper towel to blot dry the area.


There are many who will say that vinegar and water is the magic formula. However, this formula mostly works only if you have caught the accident just after it occurred. If the stain has dried you will need other means to clean it.

Just after an accident, mix one third cup with vinegar and add one third cup of water and use a towel to blot this into the stained area. Let it sit for five minutes and then return to the spot with a clean dry towel to blot up the liquid from the urine as well as the vinegar mix. Some also say that adding a half of a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid to this mixture will give added cleaning power as well as a color safe scent.

Window Cleaner

Although this may sound a little uncommon, window cleaner has been known to work wonders on stains that have already dried. To use this method you will need to spray the window cleaner over the entire area until it is soaked. Let it sit for ten minutes and then return with a dry towel to blot the area dry.

Store Products That Work

there are a few products that dog owners say definitely back up that claim. It is also important to note that using pet friendly cleaners can prevent your pet from becoming ill from chemical cleaners.

Natures Miracle

Natures Miracle is a product that you can get in just about any large chain pet store. This cleaner has natural properties to it that not only help to eliminate the stains but break down the odor itself so that once the cleaned spot has dried, a vacuum cleaner should remove the last of the stain and scent.

Spot Shot

Spot Shot works much like Natures Miracle. It is an organic dog urine cleaner made of natural compounds that can help to break down the elements that cause the smell and stain of the spot itself.


Many pet owners rave about the effectiveness of the product known as Incredible. It is made much the same way as Spot Shot and Natures Miracle.

Nature's Miracle Cleaner - & Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo

Remember too that an added bonus of citrus scented cleaners is that most cats find it unpleasant so they won't try to pee on it too!

Dog Urine Cleaner Tip

Although all of the above methods may have the results you desire it is also always great to have a steam cleaner for your carpet handy. Since some of the above methods may indeed clean your carpet but also leave behind an unusual texture, adding a quick steam cleaning over the old stained area will fluff the carpet piling back to its original state.

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