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The Best Collapsible Dog Bowls For Travel

Updated on February 2, 2013

Collapsible Dog Food Bowls Make It Easier To Travel With Fido

If you are hiking or camping or simply going on a road trip with man's best friend then you should consider gettign one of these top rated travel dog food and water bowls.

The bowl featured to the left is made of a waterproof fabric making it perfect for water or for food and when your dog is done eating it collapses in on itself flat taking up no more room than a shirt. I've featured a few other excellent travel dog bowls lower on this page as well.

Photo Credit - Jardin Collapsible Fabric Travel Dog Bowl

My Favorite Collapsible Travel Dog Food Bowl

Everyone has different tastes so you my disagree with me on this but I love the fabric travel bows for dogs because they are the easiest to pack away. They tend to be waterproof which makes them great for water or for wet food and then they can be squished into any suitcase with little thought. As noted above the Jardin Fabric Travel Dog Bowl is my favorite. Check it out below.

Jardin Dog Pet Collapsible Fabric Travel Food Water Bowl
Jardin Dog Pet Collapsible Fabric Travel Food Water Bowl

This collapsible bowl is super small when folded up and it is very light. It should however be perfect for most dogs including the largest breeds.


Personally I think the good quality fabric dog food bowls are the best for travel, hiking camping, etc. They are much more versatile than plastic bowls in my opinion and they are easier to pack. below I've featured a number of the best selling fabric travel dog bowls on the market. These are top rated products and they are very affordable and handy.

Waterproof Fabric Travel Dog Food Bowls

If you don't want a fabric dog food dish for your travels be sure to see below where I've featured a few additional collapsible plastic dog bowls for sale on eBay.

Dog Dishes With Lids Are Also Handy For Travel

If you are traveling or camping a small dog dish or covered bowl makes thing s a lot nicer. Below are a couple pages on smaller dog food bowls and more importantly, dog bowls with lids. For campers a lid is a must in my opinion.

The Best Dog Bowls With Lids For Food Or Water
Most dog bowls are simple ceramic bowls witha wide flat bottom. The larger and sturdier bowls are often made of stainless steel but most do not have matching...

Dog Bowls For Small Dogs
Dog bowls are almost always decorated with dog imagery but many dog bowls are simply to big for small dogs. Small dogs should have a food dish sized appropri...

The Best Dog Bowls For Crates
Sure you could throw any dog bowl into a crate with a crate trained dog but there isn't a whole lot of floor space in there anyways and a set of dog bowls wo...

Elevated Dog Feeder Stands
It's always a good thing to get your dogs dishes up off the ground. Regardless if you have a small dog or a large dog or any sized dog in between a raised fe...

Plastic Collapsible Travel Dog Bowls

A Collapsible dog food bowl may be a bit harder to pack due to it's ridgidity but it is going to be easier to keep clean. I prefer the fabric travl food bowls but the collapsible plastic dog bowls aren't bad either. Here are a few for sale on eBay.

A Few More Silicone Dog Bowls That Collapse

For variety sake I've featured a few more expandable dog bowls below. Each of these are perfect for travel, camping, or hiking.

Do You Travel Often?

If you head out over night every now and then then it pays to have an automatic dog bowl. These types of dog feeders portion out the right amount of food on a schedule so that you don't have to worry about pooch getting too much food at once or not enough near the end of your trip. Check them out on the following page for more info.

The Best Automatic Dog Bowl Feeder With Timer
Looking for a solution for feeding your dog or cat while you are away? Automatic pet feeders are very sophisticated these days and they can help keep your do...

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    • FunMoneyBusiness profile image

      Sharyn Read 

      5 years ago from ... either in the kitchen or at my laptop...

      An important item to have when you own a dog and like to take for more than just a short walk! Nice lens!


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