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Updated on December 1, 2016

Collie, sheepdog used to protect and control flocks. The Scottish collie was formerly used chiefly in Scotland and the north of England purely as a sheepdog. Since the 1860s it has been popular as a domestic companion.

There are three kinds of Scottish collie, rough and smooth haired and the bearded collie. The chief points to be looked for in the rough and the smooth collies are a long head with a sharp nose; ears small, and folded back when in repose; eyes bright and dark, set obliquely, somewhat close together; forelegs straight; hocks bent; feet strong and round. The rough-coated variety should have a very thick, soft under-coat, with a long and wiry outercoat; a full mane and deep frill round the neck: forelegs feathered; hindlegs smooth below the hocks; a long and bushy tail. The smooth-haired collie has no feathering on the tail, ears or legs; its coat is flat but thick.

The average height for dogs is 56-61 cm, for bitches, 51-56 cm; the average weight for dogs is 20-29 kg, for bitches 18-25 kg. The colour varies considerably, from black and tan, tan and white, sable and white, to pure white. The bearded collie has a soft furry undercoat and a harsh shaggy top coat and a shaggy beard. The colour is slate or reddish-fawn, or any shade of grey, fawn, or sandy, with or without white markings. Dogs are 53-56 cm at the shoulders and bitches 51-53 cm. The border collie is usually black and white and about 50 cm in height.

It is one of the world's finest sheepdogs and also very popular and successful at obedience trails. It is bred solely for its working abilities.


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