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Cooking for your dog

Updated on March 3, 2011

Cooking homemade dog food for your dog.

Making your own dog food is easy , healthy and can save you money .

Now you may ask, how do I make my own dog food .Home cooking for dogs is a way to know your dog is getting top quality healthy ingredients in their food..There are many dog safe foods that we eat as well.

You will need to know what human foods a dog can eat.

I have 6 English mastiffs, and even though I do feed commercial dog food, I cook large pots of doggy stew twice a week. My Mastiffs all get homemade dog food added to their kibble every day.

I always get complements from my friends and veterinarians on how my dog's coats are so shinny and how healthy my dogs look.

I believe it is because of the addition of fresh home cooked food added daily to their diet.

Making homemade dog food for your dog is easier then you think and is actually cheaper then store bought commercial dog food. As I had said earlier, I still feed commercial food; this home cooked dog food is just a supplement to their food.

I know many people who only feed home made but since I have 6 mastiffs I would be in the kitchen cooking non stop. By feeding some premium commercial dog food, I don't have to worry that I am missing some essential nutrients in there diet.


Make homemade dog food.

I will start with a list of Ingredients you can use for homemade dog food and I will also make a list of foods NOT to add.

Add one of these ingredients to the Home made dog food or doggie stew.

Always add your starch to the end of the cooking proses or they will overcook and stick to the bottom of the pot

When making Doggie Stew, I very the ingredients depending on what I have on hand or what is on sale at the store .

This also assures a wide variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in my dogs diet .You can make a large pot of homemade dog food and divide it up into baggies and freeze it, taking out a days worth as you need it.

When making the stew use

1. Meat ingredient

1. Starch ingredient -I also refer to this as the filler ingredients

2. or more vegetable ingredients.

A pinch of salt- not to much.

In a large stew pot boil the meat, vegetables or fruit you choose to use. Boil until vegetables become tender, then add your starch filler.

Once cooking is finished and the stew has cooled you can add the optional in ingredients listed below


Vegtables I recommend for making your own dog food

I use what ever vegtable is on sale for home made dog food

I use these vegetables in my doggy stew, Carrots are very popular with my dogs and so is pumpkin. The best thing about pumpkin is that I can buy it really cheap in the fall. I cut several pumpkins up and freeze it in bags, to use all year in my doggy stew. There are other vegetable you can use. Some people us Brussels sprouts and cabbage but I find they make my dogs to gassy.

Carrots, Spinach, Celery

Green beans,






Sweet potatoes,




MEATS I USE* for homemade dog food.

Pick good quality meat, any of these meats will be enjoyed by your dog.

*MEATS I USE* for home made dog food

Ground beef -

Ground chicken-- very good and I can usually get it on sale for under a dollar a pound.

Liver- a good meat but very rich and should not be fed every day.

Ground turkey.-

Ground pork.-

Beef Heart - one beef heart should be divided into 4 parts use only 1/4 per large pot of doggy stew -your dog will go crazy over beef heart

Beef lung- again very rich and only 1/4 per pot.

Tripe - Dogs love it, but it is really stinky, and hard to cut up, also very rich and healthy for your dog, Use about 2 pounds per large stew pot.

Fish- I often get salmon -I can it to soften the bones and use it for doggy stew .


Starch food I like to use for home made dog food

I also refer to this as the filler.

Add one of these ingredients to the Home made dog food or doggie stew.

Always add your starch to the end of the cooking presses or they will overcook and stick to the bottom of the pot.

Rice - always add to the end of the cooking process or it will stick to bottom of pot

Pasta -also at to the end of the cooking process

Oatmeal, [Rolled Oats} - add at end of cooking process.

You can also use a bit of bran, or Cream of Wheat if you have it in the cupboard.

Foods that are poisonous for dogs

Grapes, raisins, and citrus fruits like oranges. Grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs.

Rhubarb leaves


Tomatoes- A small amount is ok to feed but large amounts can be toxic.



Avocado (All parts of the avocado and avocado tree are toxic to dogs.)

Seeds and pits can be poisonous. Peach pits are very toxic and can kill.


Healthy dog food additives.

These ingredients are optional but recommended to add to your dog food recipe

If I have these things I often add them to the end of my stew once it has cooled .

Cod Liver oil,

Cottage cheese.

Crushed or ground flax seeds

Dog Vitamin supplements

Supplements recommended to add to home dog food - Be sure your dog gets all the vitamins and supplements he needs

Pet food,homemade needs a supplement added to aside comlete nutrision for your pet.

Great books on cooking for your dog

I learned a lot from books on feeding my dogs I hope this selection of books will help.

Can you feed a cat dog food.

Yes your cat can eat home made dog food but do not feed commercial dog food over a long period to cats . If you choose to feed homemade cat food to your cat please always add a cat vitamin or cat supplement to the food or directly. Iam including a link below to a few very good cat vitamins and cat supplements

Best cat vitemen deal - Highly recommended supplemts for your cat

If you are feeding your cat dog food (homemade). Please make sure to add a cat bitin or supplement. A cat and dog have different nutrisipnal needs.

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