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Critter Nation: One of the Best Rat Cages Ever

Updated on September 12, 2014

Looking for the Best Rat Cage? I Already Found Mine: Critter Nation!

Before I adopted my first rats, I spent several weeks shopping online for the best rat cages. After a while I had my choices narrowed down to a Martin cage and a Critter Nation.

Although Martin's cages are much loved in the rat community, the Critter Nation gets rave reviews too. It's spacious, sturdy, easy to clean, and easy to put together. It looks slick, too. Although the Martin cages look great, I went with the Critter Nation. I'm glad I did!

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Why I Love the Critter Nation

One of the best rat cages, period

  • Spacious. The single-level Critter Nation's dimensions are 36"L x 24"W x 39"H. Although part of the height is dedicated to storage space beneath the cage itself, it's still big enough for 5 to 6 rats. The double unit can house twice that!
  • Big doors. They span the whole width and height of the cage, so it's super accessible. It's easy to reach in for your rats, pull out some toys, and rearrange stuff. Cleaning is a breeze.
  • Easy to put together. Yes, you have to assemble it yourself, but you don't even need a screwdriver. It's designed to snap together. We did have to tap it a few times with a hammer to make certain parts fit snugly together, but other than that, it was a quick, easy, tool-free project.
  • Storage space. The space down below the cage turned out to be pretty handy. It's where I keep litter, food, and extra toys for my rats.
  • Sturdy. This isn't some flimsy cage that you can easily knock over. It feels like it's made to last.
  • Escape-proof. There's only 1/2" space between the bars, so you don't have to worry about young rats squirming out. The doors are also designed such that there's no way a rat is going to open them.
  • Coated bars. A little rat pee isn't going to make the hammertone finish rust on you.

Critter Nation Gripes: What's Not so Hot

The Critter Nation is a great cage, but it's not perfect. My biggest gripe with the cage is its shallow pan. It's way too easy for rats to kick litter and food through the bars. I plan to address that by adding lengths of plexiglass.

I'm also sorry to say that unlike Martin cages, the Critter Nation isn't made in the USA. Midwest Homes for Pets proudly claims to be an American company based in Indiana, but its cages are manufactured in China.

Other than that, I can't think of anything negative to say about the Critter Nation. It's a darn good cage.

Critter Nation FAQ

Q: Where can I buy a Critter Nation cage?

A: I ordered mine from All Pet Furniture. I tried to see if the Critter Nation was available in local pet stores, but they didn't have any on hand. However, Midwest Homes for Pets cages have such a good reputation that I felt confident about ordering one.

Q: Is it easy to take apart if I need to?

A: Frankly, if you're going to move, I'd just roll it into a moving van or put it in the back of your truck. While it's easy to put together, I suspect it's a bear to take apart.

Q: Is it heavy?

A: Yes, it's about 97 pounds, so it's pretty sturdy. It also means you'll have great difficulty taking it outside to hose it down, if that's how you like to clean your cages. For me, it's not an issue.

Q: How does it compare to the Ferret Nation cage?

A: Pretty much identical, except for the bar spacing. Young rats and females won't be able to escape through the 1/2" spaces. Also, the Critter Nation's bars run horizontal, so rats have loads of fun climbing up the walls.

Q: Should I get the double or the single level?

A: That depends on how many rats you have, or how many you plan to get! The single level is big enough for 5 to 6 rats. Any more than that, and you should splurge for the double level.

Q: If I bought the double level Critter Nation, would I be able to remove the middle divider and have one big cage?

A: Unfortunately, no. There IS a hole that rats can go through, but removing the entire middle section would make the cage unstable. (I'm not even sure it's doable.)

Do You Own a Critter Nation?

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    • JessyGene profile image

      JessyGene 6 years ago

      My rat cage is homemade, but in the future I may look into getting a critter nation. Great lens, thanks for the info!