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Custom Canine Company

Updated on October 1, 2014

Practical Pet Behavioral Training by Bill Oliver

Welcome to the online brochure of Custom Canine Company. Custom Canine Company is a leader in companion dog behavior training. We also specialize in pet containment systems and behavioral training products.

Custom Canine provides classes, one on one training, private, and group lessons for you and your pet.

Bill Oliver of Custom K9

Who we are.

Bill Oliver began his career working with dogs in the United States Air Force's Canine Corp. While there, he was awarded several honors in the National Police Dog Trials.

Upon completion of his military service, he continued his education in California and Tennessee. he has worked locally since 1987.

Mr. Oliver's training experience spans more than thirty years during which he has developed a profound ability to work with dogs that transcends teaching them the basic commands.

Bill Oliver's methods are tried and true. His success has earned him an extensive veterinary referral network for his reputation on modifying aggressive behavior in dogs.

He has saved many a dog's life and thousands of pet owners from losing their pet due to behavioral issues.

Custom K9 Credentials

Bill Oliver's accomplishments include a long successful career competing in AKC Obedience trials, judging AKC sanctioned events, writing articles, appearing in local newspapers, being a guest speaker on CBS and WKSU, and training dogs for film and screen.

Mr. Oliver is also known for his generosity in helping others. he visits local schools, trains dogs for specific service careers (Delta Society), and directs a cell dog program at The Trumbell County Correctional Facility.

Custom K9 Services

Our services stress the importance of a happy learning experience for both pet and owner, and are designed to give you the basics for living in harmony.

  • Group Classes
  • Private Lessons: At Your Home or Our Facility
  • Kennel Boarding
  • Kennel Training
  • Pet Containment System Installation
  • Training Equipment and Supplies

Custom K9: Friends Helping Friends

Custom K9:  Friends Helping Friends
Custom K9: Friends Helping Friends

Custom Canine Company For You and Your Pet

Below are details about the type of services we offer.

  1. Obedience 101 Training: A five week course that covers walking on a leash, the commands of Sit, Down, Heel, Turns, Change Of Pace, Come For, Recall, and Finish. Other behaviors that may be covered are Waiting At The Door, Bed Stays, and Jumping Up.

  2. Obedience 202 Training: A five week course that continues to build on the bond between you and your dog and the lessons learned in Obedience 101 Training. Hand signals are introduced, longer stays are begun with added distractions. Off leash control is also added.

  3. Private Lessons In Home: A customized training program tailored to meet specific needs of your dog and your family. Behaviors taught can includ, but are not limited to: Pulling On Lead, Jumping Up On People, Counter Surfing, Door Bolting, House Training, Excessive Barking, Excessive Mouthing, Puppy Training, and Off Leash Control.

  4. In Kennel Training: A two week intensive training session where your pet 'lives' with Bill Oliver. Basic obedience and home behavior training is learned, as well as specific training requests. Private lessons are included in this package to teach the owner to handle the trained dog.

  5. Pet Containment & Electronic Collars - Training and Service: Bill Oliver has built a successful underground dog fence business over the past seventeen years mainly through word of mouth and providing exceptional service with experienced staff. Custom Canine offers a money back guarantee to keep your pet safe in your yard, giving you peace of mind. he also offers the safest and most reliable electronic collars which can assist in training for competition, field work, and obedience.

Where To Find Custom Canine Company

Custom Canine is conveniently located n Hinckley, Ohio between the Cleveland-Akron Metropolitan areas. it is minutes from I-77, I-217, and I-71.

The twenty acre farm consists of woods, fields, and ponds. Additionally, there is a heated indoor arena for training.

The dogs are housed in a clean, heated, spacious kennel with wall to wall windows for natural light. The dogs are exercised in a fenced tiered gravel area and a large grass playground with mature trees providing shade.

Because Custom Canine Company is family operated and the facility is located within their own residence, they offer 24/7 care. Your trusted companion will enjoy a pleasant, relaxed stay 'down on the farm.'

Bill Oliver's approach to training, boarding care here is not open to the public, but reserved for clients with whom he has trained.

A markerCustom K9 Company Is Here -
15 Bellus Road, Hinckley, OH
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Take The Custom Canine Test - Why Custom Canine Company

Take this little test. How many issues can you relate to?

  1. Is your pet a bully?
  2. Do you walk your dog, or does your dog walk you?
  3. Does your dog have aggressive tendencies?
  4. Does your pet rush for the door?
  5. Does your pet get too excited when guests visit?
  6. Does your pet get mouthy?
  7. Does your pet go ballistic every time something moves in the yard? How about digging?
  8. Does your pet talk too much, or bark orders at you?
  9. Does your pet not come when called?

Call Custom Canine Company Today

Call Custom Canine today because you want your dog to be more than just a pet -- you want your dog to be a member of the family.

Bill Oliver

Custom Canine Company

15 Bellus Road

Hinckley, Ohio 44233

(330) 278-2980

Custom Canine Company

Custom Canine Company Support

Custom Canine Company is a leader in assisting those who are helping our canine friends, and proud to be associated with:

Trumble County CF Pet Rehabilitation Program

Greyhound Adoption Of Ohio

GRIN - Golden Retrievers In Need

One Of A Kind Pets of Akron

Rose's Rescue

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit the online Custom Canine Company brochure. If you are a friend or acquaintance of Bill Oliver and Custom Canine Company, we would love to hear from you.

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