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Decorate Your Rat Cage for Halloween

Updated on October 8, 2012

Happy Halloween!

It's always fun to decorate for Halloween, so this year try decorating your rats' cage! It can be easy and inexpensive if you get your materials from thrift stores and dollar stores. There are lots of different Halloween decorations that can be used in your cage; just pick out items that are safe and will be fun for your rats (or other small pets). A festive cage will get you in the Halloween spirit, and your rats will enjoy it too!

Cage Liners

Including cage liners in your decorative plan helps tie the whole cage together. The colors I chose to use in my cage were purple, orange, green, and black. Because I already had purple fleece I made my liners purple. Check thrift stores to see if you can find any cheap fleece blankets in one of your Halloween colors.


If you know how to sew you can buy scraps of halloween-colored fleece from thrift stores and sew hammock sets. For instructions on how to sew different types of hammocks, please visit my other page:

If you know how to sew cubes you can try making a jack-o-cube. If you don't know how to make a cube, click on the picture to see step by step instructions.

I used orange burlap that I found at a thrift store to make these hammocks.

Cloth halloween bags make great pocket hammocks. Just use strong safety pins to hang them.

Old halloween costumes can make interesting hideouts when hung up in the cage.

This little cloth pumpkin was filled with plastic beads. I made a small cut in the back, emptied out the beads, and restuffed it with rat-safe fleece scraps. Tucking in a few treats makes it much more interesting for the rats.

A small candy dish makes a cute food bowl.

Trick-or-treat buckets can be hung up in the cage, and filled with fleece to make cozy beds.

Candy bins can also be hung in the cage. Just drill or punch out some holes.

Candy bowls can be turned upside down to make cute houses. You just need to cut a small door.

Cutting a small hole in a witch hat makes a cute hideout.

Black pipe works well for a Halloween tunnel. If you want to hang it you can drill holes through it or just wrap zip ties around it. If you have non-toxic white kids' paint you can paint on a spiderweb.

Festive pinatas can be made using toilet paper rolls and scraps of fabric. Simply cut a rectangle of fabric and roll the toilet paper roll up in it. Tie off one end with string. Then pour some treats in the other end and tie it closed. Hang them in the cage with string.

Fill small cloth bags with crumpled paper and treats and then hang them in the cage to make rat pinatas.

To make kleenex ghosts, ball up one piece of kleenex and wrap another piece around it. Tie it off with a piece of string. You can make these into pinatas too by putting treats inside them.

If you have any baby rings, just hang the Halloween-colored ones in your cage.

Save any fleece scraps you have to use as colorful bedding.

The Finished Cage

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Add Rats - Koko, Lily, Piper, Rue, and Jimi check out the new décor

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    • JessyGene profile image

      JessyGene 5 years ago

      @anonymous: Thanks! I'm glad your rats enjoy them! It's so nice to have a sewing machine, hey? I'll never go back to buying hammocks now either.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Thanks for all these great ideas! I have used almost all these ideas for previous rats and rats I have now. I have a small cage for my two baby boys and I used ur ideas to decorate it, they love it. And now that I have a sewing machine I haven't once went out and bought a hammock! Thankyou and I hope everyone tries these ideas your rats will love them:)) my rats fav is the cube hammock/ bed with the little slit to sleep in at the top and the hole, they also love the level I made from fabric! Awesome!

    • JessyGene profile image

      JessyGene 5 years ago

      @anonymous: I put towels underneath. The fleece wicks away moisture but doesn't absorb it well, so putting towels or newspaper or something underneath should help. I change mine twice a week so that they don't smell, so maybe you just need to do if more often?

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I actually have the same cage and try to put liners on the levels but within a week they smell and get nasty from urine. Any good tips to deal with that? Thanks so much.