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Detecting ovulation in dogs

Updated on July 13, 2012

Products to help you know when your dog is ovulating

How do you know when the right times is to breed your dog.?

The best time to breed your dog is 24 to 48 hours after she has ovulated , but how do you tell when that time is ?

I will explain and show you the products on the market that will help you detect when the right time to breed your female dog.

Can you use a human woman's ovulation test to product your dogs ovulation? Yes there is ONE type that dose work. Read on to find out more .

puppy bred using ph test strips
puppy bred using ph test strips

Products to help you time your dogs ovulation

How to tell when your 'canine' dog is ovulating using PH test strips

First off the cheapest way to check when your dog is close to ovulation is the PH stick.

PH of the vulv- a drops from 8.5 to as much as 7.0 during Ovulation. This can be used as a rough estimate for natural breeding's or as an indication as to when you should start the more expensive, but highly accurate progesterone testing.

The best time to test is just after [ half an hour or so} the female has urinated .

Before inserting the PH test strip wipe the vulv-a with a damp cloth {no soap} When inserted in vagin-a, the indicator end of the sticks turns colour to indicate the pH of the vagin-a. At ovulation in response to pH and carbohydrate changes the colour changes to indicate 7.0 on the colour scale. The cost of a bottle of these is around $14 a very affordable way to help you determine when to breed . a bottle of these will last you for several litters.

PH TEST STRIPS - PH test strips to help time you dogs ovulation

How to tell when your dog is ovulating using PH test strips.

PHion Balance Diagnostic Ph Test Strips, 4.5 - 9.0 ph Range, 90-Count
PHion Balance Diagnostic Ph Test Strips, 4.5 - 9.0 ph Range, 90-Count

There are 90 test strips in this bottle. This will last you threw several litters even if you your do several tests per breeding

puppy breeding ovulation
puppy breeding ovulation

Saliva Ovulation test for dogs

Predicting dog {canine}ovulation using women's saliva pregnancy test

Fertile-Focus is designed for use by women, but it works on dogs to. A drop of saliva from under the tongue is put on a glass slide and allowed to dry for about 5 minutes. Then look at the ferning results on the slide through the microscope that comes with the Fertile-Focus kit.

This tester is reusable so is very cost affective and very easy to use .

I have been breeding mastiffs for many years and this is the product I use , it is easier then the PH strips and I Find it very accurate .

Using this ovulation kit is very simple .For best results, collect a sublingual saliva sample from under the tongue. Pull (do not unscrew) the lens from the housing. Collect a dab of saliva and place it on the surface of the lens. Try to avoid making bubbles and allow the sample to dry for at least five minutes before attempting to read results.

Look at the chart that comes with the tester and compare pictures , You are looking for a ferning of the dried cells.

I Personally have used this product and find it an easy and reliable test .

Saliva ovulation test - Woman's ovulation test that can be used on dogs

I highly recommend this product to track your dogs ovulation. Its reusable so very cost affective for breeders. If there was only one product I could recommend for breeders its this product . No breeder should be with out it .

OVUCHECK Premate 10 Test Kit

OVUCHECK testing for canine {dog} ovulation by pin pointing the rise in progesterone

Ovacheck says this is a quick and easy test. This kit tests for progesterone levels and dose require the drawing of blood to do the test.. If you have the skills to draw blood this may be the test kit for you.

OVACHECK progesterone test kit

This is the same type of test your veterinarian uses to test for progesterone rise when trying to pinpoint ovulation in your dog.

OVUCHECK Premate 10 Test Kit, 10 Tests/Box
OVUCHECK Premate 10 Test Kit, 10 Tests/Box

This item is spotlighted because experienced breeders who want to know the progesterone rise will find this product very useful


The ICG Status-LH test

The ICG Status-LH test provides an accurate, semi-quantitative measurement of canine luteinizing hormone (LH). The test is simple to perform if you can draw blood and spin it down.and rapidly provides information for the veterinary clinician. This assay, when used in conjunction with in-hospital progesterone testing, to identify the pre-ovulatory LH surge is a very accurate tool at timing breeding ,.

Witness LH Test Kit, 6 Tests/Box
Witness LH Test Kit, 6 Tests/Box

Works great in conjunction with progesterone timing kit but you must draw and spin down the blood to use


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    • Manette Martinez profile image

      Manette Martinez 2 years ago from Brownsville, Texas

      HELP PLEASE!!! i purchased the microscope. what is best way to collect the saliva ?

    • profile image

      manette martinez 2 years ago

      what colors will i be looking for on the PH TEST STRIPS - PH test strips to help me know when by bitch is ready to breed? what color will it turn for best determination of ovulation

    • profile image

      JC 2 years ago

      I loved this page I ordered a few of the items you suggested and learned so much.

      Thanks so much