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Dog Bowls That Won't Tip Over And Spill

Updated on December 30, 2012

Dog Bowls That Don't Spill And Are Hard To Tip Over

No dog bowl is ever going to be spill poof but this bowl is very close to tip-over-proof. It is going to be very difficult for your dog to tip this dog food bowl over and although some dogs will splash water all over the place when drinking you shouldn't have to worry about him knocking this bowl over if it's full of water either.

Below I've featured some other excellent dog food and water bowls which are going to be very effective at containing messes. My favorite is the Indipets bowl featured to the left but lower on this page are a few others, some of which are a bit cheaper, to consider buying.

Picture Credit - Indipets Stainless Steel No Tip Anti Skid Dish

My Favorite No Tip Dog Food Bowl

As mentioned above the Indipets dog bowl is my favorite dog food bowl because it is well made, looks great, and because it performs well from my experience. Our dog isn't able to nose it around and even stepping on the edge of it doesn't send it flipping over onto it's side. Check it out below for more information.

Indipets Stainless Steel Spill Proof - Splash Free No Tip Anti Skid Dish with easy pick up grip handle, 32-Ounce
Indipets Stainless Steel Spill Proof - Splash Free No Tip Anti Skid Dish with easy pick up grip handle, 32-Ounce

This bowl comes in 3 sizes and it is very easy to clean. You can even microwave it after removing the silicone ring at the bottom.


No matter if you dog is large or small aggressive eaters are always annoying because of the messes they typically make. Sure you can clean up after them all the time but by using one of these dog food bowls designed to be spill resistant and tip over proof you will be greatly minimizing your troubles.

Additional Dog Bowls That Are Hard To Knock Over

Generally speaking the bowls featured below are a bit more expensive than the average dog bowl but if your dog eats like a maniac the cost is easily worth it.

One other option for minimizing spills and messes in your dog's feeding area is to use a portion controlled automatic food bowl. You can find out more about these bowls on the following page.

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Another option is to use a large feeding station. These raise bowls up high and give them a larger footprint. You can see many elevated food bowl stands on the following two pages.

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More Tip Resistant Dog Bowls on eBay

eBay is a great place to find miscellaneous products that you can't find anywhere else. In many cases these are brand new products as well. Below are some of the current dog food bowls designed to be sturdy and spill resistant.

Dog Food Bowls With Lids Are Harder To Spill

Lastly, you can always minimize the threat of tip overs and spills by simply using a dog bowl that had a cover on it. See the following page for a hand-picked list of quality dog bowls with lids.

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