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The Best Dog Bowls To Slow Eating

Updated on December 30, 2012

Top Rated Dog Bowls That Slow Down Eating

Some dogs just eat to fast. By slowing their eating down you can more easily limit the amount of food they consume and keep them from getting sick.

Most anti-gulping dog bowls feature a raised center or raised spots in the bowl so that smaller bites must be taken. Other than this the best alternative to slowing your dogs eating is to give smaller portions throughout the day.

Below are a few of the best bowls for limiting the speed that your dog eats.

Photo Credit - Indipets Extra Heavy Non Tip - Anti Skid Health Care Slow Feeding Dish via Amazon

My Favorite "Slow Eat" Dog Bowl

As noted above the following bowl is awesome at keeping your dog from eating too fast. It is stainless steel, has a rubbarized bottom, and it looks great. Check it out below.

Indipets Extra Heavy One Piece Stainless Steel Non Tip - Anti Skid Health Care Slow Feeding Dish, Large
Indipets Extra Heavy One Piece Stainless Steel Non Tip - Anti Skid Health Care Slow Feeding Dish, Large

This dog dish comes in small, medium, and large sizes making it perfect for just about any dog.


There are a lot of different dog bowl accessories that can slow your dog down when he or she is eating but the one's I've presented below are some of the best on the market. They are best sellers and all have top ratings by pet owners.

Dog Feeders That Slow Down Eating

The following feeders and bowls are all useful in slowing your dog down at lunch time. Some of the feeders are fancier than others but they all get the job done.

If you have a larger dog then an elevated dog bowl may be good for him too. The following page features raised dog bowls and feeder stands. Many of the stands will accommodate these slow-consumption food bowls perfectly.

The Best Raised Dog Bowls & Feeders
Big dogs need big dog feeders that sit high off the ground. The following page is full of excellent feeders and dog bowls which have all received the highest...

Elevated Dog Feeder Stands
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More Dog Bowls That Limit Food Availability

You may also want to look into bowls that limit the amount of food your dog gets at any given time. The following are available on eBay.

Smaller Dog Bowls Can Also Limit Food Consumption

One other way you can limit the amount of food your dog eats in a single sitting or in a short period of time is to simply give them a smaller dog dish and feed them one or two more times a day. You can see a page of some of the better small dog bowls below.

Dog Bowls For Small Dogs
Dog bowls are almost always decorated with dog imagery but many dog bowls are simply to big for small dogs. Small dogs should have a food dish sized appropri...

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