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The Best Dog Bowls With Lids For Food Or Water

Updated on December 30, 2012

Dog Food Bowls With Lids Are Perfect For Travel Or For The Home

Most dog bowls are simple ceramic bowls with a wide flat bottom. The larger and sturdier bowls are often made of stainless steel but most do not have matching lids. A lid for your dog bowl makes it easier to travel with it or to cover and preserve food in a bowl between meals.

Lids also help contain food in the bowl when you don't want your dog eating. Most importantly though a lid helps keep food in the bowl clean and fresh while also protecting against spills. For travel lids make things much easier so whatever your reasons for buying a dog food bowl with lid you should find a few great options, including the one featured to the left, below on this page.

Photo Credit - Auto Pet Dish with Automatic Lid by Maze Pets via Amazon

My Favorite Covered Dog Bowl - It Senses When The Dog Is Ready To Eat And Opens Automatically

I love the dog bowl pictured above but it does have moving parts - it's got a sensor that opens the lid when the dog approaches it to eat. This is really cool in my opinion but I realize it is a bit over-the-top for some people out there. For more conventional dog food bowls with lids see below.

Maze Pets Auto Pet Dish with Automatic Lid Sensor
Maze Pets Auto Pet Dish with Automatic Lid Sensor

The actual food bowl is stainless steel and removable making it dishwasher safe.


Below I've presented a number of alternative options. Each of the following ceramic food bowls come with a lid but most are a bit more conventional in design. Surely something below will be perfect for you and your dog.

Plastic & Silicone Dog Food Bowls With Lids

The following bowls are all made from silicone or plastic. They are basically travel bowls for your dog and are pretty cool. They are also generally a lot cheaper than the fancy dog dishes you may see at the local boutique pet store.

There are a lot of additional dog bowls that can be seen on the following page. You may be surprised what other types of fancy dishes are available for pooch.

The Best Raised Dog Bowls & Feeders
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Fancy Covered Dog Food Bowls

Most people wanting a covered dog bowl need it for travel or for use as a secondary food dish but these featured below are all a bit fancier. You can find these and others like them posted for sale on eBay below.

I also recommend checking out the following page dedicated to ceramic dog food bowls. Many do not have lids but some do and they are probably the cutest of them all.

Unique Ceramic Dog Bowls & Feeders
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    • SusanAston profile image

      SusanAston 4 years ago

      These are great - I like the fact that leftover food is out of reach of flies in the summertime particularly.