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Dog Brushes & Combs: Which Is Right For Your Dog?

Updated on July 26, 2017

Learning About Dog Brushes & Combs

Looking to keep your pooch's coat healthy and luxurious? If so, you'll want to find out about the tools you'll need. Dog brushes and combs are important dog grooming supplies.

There are specific brushes and combs to use on dogs, all based according to what you need to accomplish: removing dead hair . . . de-tangling . . . smoothing . . . and the like.

To help you make the best choice as to what brush or comb you need to get your dog's coat properly groomed, here is a quick primer on several of the most popular types of dog brushes and combs along with their specific function.

Pin Brush - Dog Brushes That Removes Tangles

These brushes are best used on really long and fine-haired breeds, or heavy-coated dogs that have double coats.

The purpose of the brush is to remove tangles in the long-haired dog and with wiry coats that are tough, as it helps to give them a good brush out before stripping the hair by hand.

Here's an example . . .

Conair Pin Brush - Small (Colors may vary)
Conair Pin Brush - Small (Colors may vary)

My dogs love this brush! We have three chihuahuas, two smoothcoat, and one longcoat, and they line up to be brushed when I get the brush out. " -- Sheila B. Edney (Fort Mill, SC)


Demo: How To Use the Pin Brush

Curry Brush (Rubber) - Dog Brushes That Gets Rid of Dead Hair

The Curry Brush is usually an oval in shape. It simply puts a polish on the dog's coat and gets rid of dead hair which will result in far less shedding. At the same time, it does not harm the skin since it has rounded rubber type bristles. This brush is perfect for sensitive skin and smooth-coated dog breeds.

Here's an example . . .

Dog Rubber Curry Brushes
Dog Rubber Curry Brushes

Remove dead loose hair and massage skin Improve the effectiveness of shampoo High-quality rubber construction


Slicker Brush - Dog Brushes That Removes Mats

The Slicker Brush is made up of tiny wire bristles very close together. While this type of brush can be very harsh, it is essential for some dog's coats. When used properly, the slicker brush readily removes all dead hair from the fur and can remove mats. These brushes are best for curly haired dogs and long-haired dogs.

The slicker brush is also great for a dog that sheds a lot as you can remove lots of hair with the very little effort.

Here's an example . . .

Conair Slicker Brush, Medium - Colors May Vary
Conair Slicker Brush, Medium - Colors May Vary

Removes dead hair from pet's coat resulting in tangle-free, snarl-free hair. Slicker Brushes feature strong yet flexible stainless steel pins set in supple rubber for just the right amount of tension. Removes tangles and mats from coats with ease.


Demo: How To Use The Slicker Brush

Bristle Brush - Dog Brushes That Smooths Out The Hair

The bristle Brush has soft and gentle bristles, and are usually made of all-natural material. It's very similar to natural bristled brushes that are sold for people. They result in less electricity in your dog's hair, whereas nylon will let the static electricity build up within the coat.

These brushes distribute natural oil though the hair and smooth out the hair. They are an all purpose type of brush, perfect for any dog, especially the long-haired types.

Here's an example . . .

Safari Bristle Brush, Small
Safari Bristle Brush, Small

The Safari bristle brush is excellent for general grooming. It helps to remove mats and tangles and also removes loose hair and debris. With regular use the Bristle Brush will also help to reduce Shedding.


Dog Combs - Dog Combs Help With Removing Tangles (and Fleas)

Dog combs come in fine, medium and wide-toothed versions.

Dogs with silky, soft hair or with fine-to-medium texture needs a fine-to-medium comb. The comb will remove the final remains of tangles and can often help remove flea dirt as well as the fleas themselves.

For coats that are dense and very thick, you should use a wide-toothed dog comb. The purpose is the same . . . to finally remove all the tangles.

Here's an example . . .

Bamboo Rotating Medium Course Tooth Dog Comb (Colors Vary)
Bamboo Rotating Medium Course Tooth Dog Comb (Colors Vary)

Rotating medium coarse tooth comb. Two types of stainless steel tines, perfect for toy breeds and long-coated dogs.


Coat Rake - Helps Combat Mats

When you are dealing with mats and tangles use a spray detangler along with one of these tools:

  • Coat Rake
  • Mat Comb
  • Mat Splitter

These tools are best used on curly and long-coated dogs.

Here's an example of a Coat Rake . . .

JW Pet Company GripSoft Double Row Undercoat Rake Dog Brush
JW Pet Company GripSoft Double Row Undercoat Rake Dog Brush

Double rows of stainless steel teeth remove dead or shedding hair from the inner-most layer while leaving outercoat undisturbed. Soft rubber sheathed handle gives you a non-slip, comfortable grip. Finger-fitting contours of the handle increase your comfort and control. Used by professional groomers.


Demo: How To Use The Coat Rake Tool

Hound Glove

For Short-Haired Dogs

A Hound Glove is a glove that you slip on and use the side covered with natural bristles to brush your dog. Smooth-coated dogs benefit from this as it helps to remove dead hair in an efficient manner, while adding a shine to the coat.

A Feel-Good Bathing Brush

FURminator TubNub Pet Bathing Brush
FURminator TubNub Pet Bathing Brush

The FURminator TubNub gives your dog a calming massage, while stimulating its hair follicles and skin. Use during bathing to work shampoo or conditioner into your pet’s coat to give it a good cleaning and remove loose hair.


Hope This Helps . . . Let Me Know You Stopped By . . .

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      my puppy hates being brushed. when ever I touch him with the brush then he whines and gets really scared.

    • csk305 profile image


      6 years ago

      Thank you for the great information!

    • profile image


      9 years ago


      My dog is a Papillon, he has really long hair. i use the Conair Pin Brush and it is GREAT my boy Eddie loves this brush and can't wait till i get the brush out to brush him.Thankyou


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