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Dog Food Storage Containers

Updated on February 16, 2014

Dog Food Storage Containers

If you have one dog or more, you may need a better dog food storage container than the original bag. Most dog food bags aren't good at keeping the kibble fresh. Plus, your dog can figure out how to get into a bag of food faster than you can. So it's important that you select a dog food container that will keep the food fresh while keeping air, moisture, and Fido out. Choose the right size based on the volume of dog food, usually in pounds or kilos. A full container will keep your dog food fresh longer.

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Dog Food Storage Ideas

There's a wide variety of dog food storage ideas for you to consider. First, think about where you'll use this container. Lifting a metal can to the top of your refrigerator could be difficult. A storage bin with a simple press-on top might not pose a challenge to your crafty canine. Maybe you want something attractive that will be visible all the time. If you plan to put this in a cupboard or in the garage, you have more choices. A set of containers that stack will help you store more than one type of dog food. And if you buy dog food in bulk, look for a container on wheels.

Bergan Wall Mounted Dispenser

Harry Barker Dog Food Storage

Rev-A-Shelf Double Wood Container

Dog Food Storage Bins

For simple, accessible, airtight containers, nothing beats dog food storage bins. This type of design is practical and convenient. Some models stack on the floor or have quick access to scoop out your dog food. A storage bin is generally designed to hold large amounts of dog food. You may find one with wheels will fit your needs best.

Allied 3-Piece Stackable Bins

Suncast 18-Gallon Hopper Bin

Suncast 80 Quart Rolling Bin

simplehuman Pet Food Storage Can

The simplehuman dog food storage can is an elegant container, constructed of fingerprint smudge-proof stainless steel for durability. The lid forms an airtight seal to keep food fresh, while the comfortable handle locks the lid shut to keep Fido out. At a bit over 18" x 10" (40cm x 22cm), the space-saving shape makes it easy to fit in your pantry.

The 30-liter container can hold more than an entire 30 lb (13+ kg) bag of dog food, and built-in wheels are the answer to that heavy, paper dog food bag that rips when you move it. Your dog's food is actually stored in a food-safe (BPA-free) plastic inner bucket that can be removed for regular cleaning between dog food purchases. There's also a food scoop that magnetically snaps under the lid, which avoids digging for it when the food is running low. Like many simplehuman products, the container comes with a 10-year warranty. This could be your perfect answer to dog food storage problems.

Reviewers commented on the sleek design and consider this to be an attractive option to other storage containers. Others noted the tight-fitting lid and convenient wheels. Although expensive, most felt the high quality makes this storage can a great value.

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Dog Food Storage Containers - Airtight

Large or small, dog food storage containers that are airtight keep what's inside fresh and the bad things out. This is an important feature if you live in a climate where humidity and/or bugs are inevitable. Smaller airtight containers are especially good for small dog kibble or treats and fit easily on your pantry or cupboard shelf. The larger models hold a full bag of dog food and some can keep even the most clever canine out.

Airtight Dry Food Storage Container

IRIS Airtight Pet Food Storage Container Combo

Vittles Vault II 40-Pound

Westland Giftware Dog Cookie Jar

Everyone loves a cookie jar! Why not keep your dog's cookies in a decorative container that's unique and fun? You can choose any dog theme, funny, sentimental, or practical. Find one with your dog's breed or a style that shows off your puppy's personality. Be sure to keep your cookie jar in a safe place so your pal doesn't eat more than she should. Remember that dog treats aren't meant to replace regular dog food. But that doesn't mean you can't serve delicious dog cookies from a delightful, decorative container. You could even start a collection!

Metal Dog Food Storage Containers

Many people prefer metal dog food storage containers for the durability. Others consider metal to be better than plastic because it's rodent-proof, won't absorb odors, and doesn't leach chemicals or flavors into the food. If you like the idea of a metal dog food can but not the shiny surface, consider one that's coated with enamel. You'll still have the freshness from the tight-fitting lid and the convenience of double handles for lifting. If you like the idea of a metal dog food container, you're sure to find one that fits your needs and your design sensibilities.

Harry Barker Dog Food Storage

Behrens 6-Gallon Locking Lid Can

Steel Storage Cans 3-Pack

Gamma Vittles Vault Plus

The video below demonstrates quite effectively why you need a tight lid on your dog treats. Maybe your dog isn't big enough to climb on the counter, but even a little dog can figure out how to get to a container stored in a lower cabinet or in the pantry.

With the Vittles Vault Plus, you never worry that Fido is raiding the store while you're at work. The twist-on lid locks freshness and flavor inside and keeps pests (and pets!) out. The container is designed for both heavy duty use and for maximum capacity. The small size (pictured) holds up to 15 lbs (7+ kg) of dog food or treats. The recessed handles make it easy to retrieve from your cupboard or pantry. Because the container is airtight, your dog can't smell what's inside and the rounded corners discourage chewing. No container is completely pet proof, but the Vittles Vault can keep your dog's food as safe as possible.

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      Our dog is spoiled. We always give them fresh cook food.

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      Do not forget about health assets. In other words, if your dog has digestion problems you have to take it into account when choosing pet food.

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      Love the Harry Barker styles!

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      Great storage ideas for dog food. As you can tell by my picture our dog is spoiled and well fed!