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Dog Food that Helps Prevent Shedding

Updated on March 18, 2013

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Dog shedding is one of the most serious problems with dogs, especially the dogs that shed much can trigger allergic reaction and therefore dog shedding is not desirable. There are all kinds of products that promise pet or dog owners that they will help stop shedding but only a few can live up to this promise. It’s important to know that dog shedding is a natural phenomenon although in certain times of the year the dog may shed more than usual.

Again the selection of dog breed is also another factor, some dog breeds are known to shed more than other breeds. This makes them difficult to manage particularly for parents with kinds who are allergic to dog hair or dander. If you are not affected by the hair keeping a dog that shed a lot also gives you extra work of eliminating dog dander in the house. Although the choice of a dog depends with the owner; most people who are new to dog ownership would prefer a dog that does not shed.

From your Experience, has changing your dog food stopped shedding? Please share your views on the comments section. We need to know your experience

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Dog Shedding Primary Causes

Dog shedding means loss of dog hair, which occurs in the winter in most dogs. Dog shedding also occurs in other cases like parasites infestation, lack of important nutrients that nourish the skin and poor grooming of your dog. It’s important you know of the ways that you can use to prevent dog shedding and promote health dog skin. Top on the list of the things that you can do to prevent shedding is nutrition. Many pet food manufacturers will promote their dog food as food that helps dogs to stop shedding but many people are skeptical about such kind of dog food.

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Dog Grooming to Stop Shedding

One of the most common ways that can help you to stop dog shedding naturally is ensuring that your dog is well groomed. The grooming practices may include daily removal of hair that has loosened up with a brush. Depending with the kind of a dog breed there are different kinds of brushes that are ideal for grooming dogs with a thin hair coat as well as dog with long curly hair. Dog grooming should be prioritized as one of the best ways to stop dog shedding and particularly dogs that are known to shed all year round.

Ideally such a dog may require that you brush them with the brush on a daily basis to remove off all the excess hair that will fall to the ground. This helps the other hair that is budding from the follicles to grow.

Dog Foods that Stop Dog Shedding

Ideally there is no such a dog food brand that I can personally say will stop dog shedding. In fact I personally believe the combination of the proper dog nutrients that nourish the skin irrespective of their sources can be the best way to stop shedding from a nutrition perspective. With this kind of an approach you need to understand the vital nutrients for the dog’s skin.

Nutritional Deficiency Dog Shedding

  • Omega Fatty Acids

The shedding due to nutritional deficiency can be corrected with foods that have enough amounts of omega fatty 3 acids. These fatty acids are universally known to nourish dog’s skins and the hair. This helps you prevent shedding of hair. The sources of omega 3 fatty acids can either be supplements that often come at high price but some foods like fish meal may be rich in omega fatty 3 acids.

  • Essential Minerals and Trace Elements

Foods that promote proper hair growth and contain all the trace elements may be another way to combat dog shedding. Whole meal grain dog food can be a good source of these vital trace elements that will help keep the hair and skin healthy.

Careful Choice of Dog Food is Encourage

There may be other important nutritional elements that should be made available to the dogs that shed. A balanced meal with the whole grain and a good source of omega fatty 3 acids may be a good way to get you started with nutrition to stop dog shedding.

May be its time we looked at what the dog food contains before we rush to buy dog food that is just advertised as dog food that stop shedding.

Share your experience on dog foods that stop shedding in the comments section below.

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    • afriqnet profile image

      Joe Njenga 4 years ago from Nairobi Kenya

      Alexa, thanks once again for taking time to read and comment.

    • alexadry profile image

      Adrienne Janet Farricelli 4 years ago from USA

      Great article about shedding. Love the picture of the dog being vacuumed! My dogs don't shed much so it's not a major problem for me. My female dog though used to shed a bit more when she was stressed such as going to the vet. Voted up and useful.