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Crestwood: Dog-Friendly Park in Birmingham, Alabama

Updated on June 19, 2014

Lovely Neighborhood Park

Getting a country dog used to the city can be a bit of a challenge, so it's a pleasure to visit the newly-renovated, accessible, and dog-friendly Crestwood Park

Badger and I enjoy our morning walks here, even though he has to stay leashed. It's much closer than the off-leash park, and the paved walks are convenient for wet weather. The new trees aren't very big yet, but it's an easy transition to the shaded sidewalks of residential Crestwood.

We pass a lot of folks out for an early morning walk, or jogging on the asphalt track around the field. Badger gets a bit excited on cool mornings and wants to jog with them, but he has to be satisfied with an amble.

We walk the entire winding trail, around the playground and the sports field, with detours into the wildflower meadows and up the back slope under the trees. Then we turn around at the tennis courts, past the creek overlook, and take a different path back to the parking lot.

By then, Badger is ready for a nap!

[Photos by Valerie Proctor Davis]

Accessible Entrances

  • Badger and I usually park in the small parking lot on the Crestwood Boulevard side. The lot has two entrances - they're unmarked and a bit hard to see. Coming from the direction of Century Plaza, turn right just past the Crestwood Tavern.

    The lot has a curbless entrance into the park, though you have to cross the exit lane to get to it. After that, you can roll a stroller or wheelchair around the entire park. All the paths are smoothly paved and gently graded.

  • You can also enter the park from the sidewalk on 8th Court South. There's plenty of street parking, and a curb cut at the end of the block.
  • 8th Terrace South ends in a little turn-around where you can drop someone off. It has a curb cut onto the sidewalk.

Curving Walks

You can amble around the curving walks, merge onto the jogging path around the sports field, and diverge onto more walks on the other side.

Belt-Clip Water Bowl

Dogs need to drink frequently when they're walking out in the sun, especially here in the South. Fill a collapsible water bowl at the fountain to let them drink in comfort.

Leegoal Folding Collapsible Travel Pets Dogs Cats Food Water Bowl,Atrovirens
Leegoal Folding Collapsible Travel Pets Dogs Cats Food Water Bowl,Atrovirens

Nylon bowl folds and zips closed to clip conveniently to your belt or your dog's harness.


Bright Playground

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Badger likes to watch the kids in the play area. It has lots of neat climbing and sliding equipment, and that rubbery ground cover that keeps your knees from getting scraped if you fall.

Restful Amenities

  • Benches are scattered invitingly around the curving paths, amid young shrubs and trees that will give shady privacy in a few years.
  • There is a water fountain a each end of the park. You have to hold the button a minute to get the water to start.
  • The restrooms in the pavilion are locked, and I presume are only opened for special events.

Taking the Long View

Green vista from the residential side of Crestwood.

Burbling Creek

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Be aware...

  • The section of creek along the highway is unfenced, and there is no fence along most of the highway side. Keep dogs leashed and watch small children.
  • The park does not supply dog waste bags, so be sure to bring some.
  • The restrooms in the pavilion are usually locked. There are restaurants down the road.

Sparkling Pool

I used to swim in Crestwood pool when I lived in the neighborhood several years ago. Can't wait for it to open again! Poor Badger is out of luck, though - I'll just have to squirt him with the hose when it gets hot.

For the Birmingham city pools' status and schedules, contact the Park and Recreation Board.

Wildflower Meadows

Much of Crestwood Park's perimeter is left unmown, to encourage native grasses and wildflowers. The are lovely sweeps of white and red clover blooming right now, and tiny yellow and purple flowers just starting.


We'll see you in the park...

Directions to Crestwood Park

A marker -
Crestwood Park, Birmingham, AL 35212
get directions

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Does Your Dog Like the Park?

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    • profile image

      ChristyZ 4 years ago

      Badger is gorgeous! I really love your photos. :) We are very lucky to have a one acre off leash dog park five minutes from our home so we take our dog Scooby there three or four times each week. The other days we take him out for a neighborhood walk, but he's happiest when he can run free. Terrific lens!