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Dog Kongs

Updated on January 6, 2013

Dog Kongs - All The Best Ones!

If you have a dog then you know what those dog kongs are! They are the rubbery tube with a big hole in the middle of it. They are used both as a dog toy and a treat for dogs, usually at the same time! Dogs love to play with these kongs for a few reasons.

First of all, you are able to put treats in the center hole (that runs down the whole middle of the dog kongs). Some people put a pasty treat like peanut butter but other people put regular dog treats (like the dog bones).

I am currently about to apply to be a dog foster parent and can't wait to use one of these dog toys for them! One of my good friends likes to put dry dog bones in the center. The dogs love it because they aren't easy to get out. This is what makes them fun. Most dogs will spend hours getting the dog bone out or trying to like every last speck of peanut butter out from the hole.

Here's a funny story - my friend showed me that her dog had learned that it could pick up the kong, bring it to the top of the stairs and send it flying down. By the time it bounced down 5 or so steps it would usually crack off a piece of the dog bone that was inside. The dog would run down and eat the pieces that fell out and bring the dog kong back up to the top of the stairs and start over! Sneaky eh? But fun to watch - that's for sure!

Image source: this dog kong on Amazon

Top 5 Dog Kongs On Amazon

Here are the top 5 best selling dog kongs available on Amazon. As you see if you click them, many are available in large, medium, or small - so choose the best one based on the size of your dog!

Does your dog love dog kongs?

Does your dog love dog kongs?

Yep - don't all dogs?

Yep - don't all dogs?

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    • attitudeforlife1 4 years ago

      My dog loved the one we had for her! We stuck peanut butter and dog treats into the end of it and it would keep her busy for hours! And she wasn't big on toys or chew bones so I was surprised at how fast she took to these.

    Nope - not my dog!

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      Fun Video: Dog getting treats out of his dog kong

      Top 5 Small Dog Kongs For Sale

      The best selling small dog kongs, plus a few of the best treats to use for kong stuffing!

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        • attitudeforlife1 profile image

          attitudeforlife1 4 years ago

          These are great. My dog stopped chewing on things once she got through her puppy stage. She wasn't big on chew toys or bones but we got her one of these to test it out and it became one of her favorites. If we ever get another dog, we'll definitely get more of these.

        • CleftyToo profile image

          CleftyToo 4 years ago

          @anonymous: lol sounds like she was a smart dog indeed!

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          Oh, I wish I'd know these dog kongs, when we had our dog. She would have loved it. She loved any challenge. We had to put video surveillance up of the kitchen, and even then, after a while, she could sneak past the cameras.