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Dogs And People Share A Bond

Updated on December 14, 2018
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Changing seasons bring a variety of local and migratory birds to Tricia Deed's backyard which allows her do bird watching with ease.

Yorkshire Terrier

Black and tan Yorkshire Terrier. An excellent small pet..
Black and tan Yorkshire Terrier. An excellent small pet.. | Source

Dog Lovers

There appears to be a kinship relationship which develops between dogs and people. Dogs have been around for many years and fellow humans have bred dogs for different functions to meet our needs.

When selecting a dog, it is wise to know the breed and its behavior patterns to be sure that the animal will meet our needs. A sheepherder would not want a house dog because this animal is not designed to herd sheep. Likewise, a person who wants a house dog for companionship would not select a sheep dog as this dog would require many acres to meet its need to chase and run.

Man has bred different types of dogs to meet our standards for behavior, intelligence, coat color choices, and size.

Cocker Spaniel

This is a blonde and white Cocker Spaniel. This dog is an excellent family pet..
This is a blonde and white Cocker Spaniel. This dog is an excellent family pet.. | Source

Mental Behavior of Canines

The intelligence of a dog is their ability to learn and reason. It is important to have training knowledge for the selected breed. Training is much easier by understanding the breed's mental abilities for its function. There are knowledge outlets for learning how to train, or a trainer may be hired, or there are training schools to attend.

  1. Barking is excellent for a watch dog, but the barking of some breeds may create problems when the barking is continuous or annoying to others.
  2. Intelligence is important depending on the type of training the dog will need. Training a dog to herd sheep or cattle will be very different from a security or a military dog which protects and defends it master.
  3. Behavior needs to be kept in mind. Some dogs like to dig and if you enjoy gardening it will be very upsetting to find uprooted plants.
  4. Some dogs communicate very easily with humans and others may require longer training or a different type of training. Social dogs usually require a talking voice from its owner and would emotionally shy away from loud or harsh voices.


A young woman and her dog reflect each other's appearance.
A young woman and her dog reflect each other's appearance. | Source

Man and Dog Bond

It seems that dogs were created to stand side by side with human beings. A dog will assume the life style of its owner. It matters not what language you speak; the dog will understand. This hobby is concerned with a living animal. How you care for this animal seemingly reflects the habits of the owner. Likewise the animal’s training and behavior will also be a reflection of the owner’s discipline guidelines.

Many people find that dogs seem to look like their owners. This writer will agree with this statement because of witnessing the look-alike appearances of owners with their dogs. There are contests held for these look-alikes and onlookers are amazed at the familiarity of man and beast.

It seems that a person selects a dog with similar facial features as their owner and the dog’s coat will reflect the hair color of the human being. A human being with long hair may select a dog with floppy ears, such as a Cocker Spaniel or a dog with long hair like an Afghan hound. A person with short hair may select a Boston terrier or a Bull dog. A slender person may prefer a streamlined body as found in the Greyhound. A larger person may select a Saint Bernard.

Leash Training

A Rottweiler receiving collar and leash training.
A Rottweiler receiving collar and leash training. | Source

Types of Training

There are different types of training. When we bring a puppy home the very first training session on the list is housebreaking. After housebreaking, there is puppy training, collar training, and obedience.

These four types of training are mandatory for the family pet because the animal will share a space in the home. However, some families and dogs prefer being outside or in a dog house and housebreaking conditions will be modified.

  1. Puppy training is grooming acceptable behavior patterns which are comfortable for family members and pet.
  2. Collar training is essential as the dog may need to be leashed for walking or other outdoor activities where free range is not allowed.
  3. Obedience training is to develop a well mannered dog. This education will progress as the dog matures and learning becomes easier. Teach a dog how to sit, stay and come when called.
  4. Teach socializing behavior with other animals as well as people. Then there is teaching the dog how to heel, fetch an object, as well as voice and hand signals.

Child and Puppy Running Together

Puppy and a child enjoy running a race together.
Puppy and a child enjoy running a race together. | Source

Dog Abilities and Talents

Dogs share and help human beings tremendously. Most of us are familiar with their talents such as blind dogs, bird dogs, hunting, and companion dogs, but for those who are not, here are some other fields where canines are an asset.

  1. Assistant dogs to help with miscellaneous objects which a human being is not able to manage. Example, picking up an object from the floor or assist an individual with a medical condition.
  2. Police and military dogs for security and protection.
  3. Search and rescue on land and at sea.
  4. Therapy for medical shortcomings.
  5. Detecting medical conditions, such as cancer.
  6. Pulling sleds and carts
  7. Mascot for schools and other institutions
  8. Detection of bombs or other similar devices.
  9. Locating drugs
  10. Entertainment as in the movies, television, or their antics in our homes

The Bond Between Man's Best Friend and Their...

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