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Dog skin allergies - the causes, symptoms and treatments.

Updated on May 9, 2012

Dog skin allergies.

Dog skin allergies are a common medical condition seen by many dog owners. When a dog has an allergic reaction this results in a skin problem, which may cause the dog to chew or self mutulate, itch, or even cause bad coat texture and length.

Many things can cause dog skin allergies such as food allergies, fleas etc.
When a dog suffers from an allergy its immune system is weakend which could lead to your dog suffering from further health problems, so dealing with dog skin allergies is important.

The symptoms of dog skin allegies

Symptoms of dog skin allergies.
One of the common symptoms of dog skin allergies is excessive scratching usually around the belly ears and eyes. When you spot this symptom in your dog a bath with a good flea shampoo is best. Dogs who scratch frequently may have patches of fur loss or patches of thin fur on there bodies. Scratching can also lead to dog skin sores which can break the skin leading to infections.

Dogs biting themselves is another sign of a dog skin allergy and can be caused by skin parasites.

Dry, flaky and even peeling skin can be an indication of an allergy. Patches of skin redness and inflamation can be caused by frequent itching and biting and can cause skin infections and irritations.

The causes of dog skin allergies.

 Causes of dog skin allergies.

Food allergies acount for a large amount of dog skin allergies.  Ingredients contained in your dogs food could be causing an allergic reaction.  Common ingredients dogs can be allergic to are:-


If you suspect your dog has a food allergy then visit your vet.  They may suggest an elimination diet to help find the source of the allergen.
This involves putting your dog on a simple diet which excludes the ingredients found in there normal food,this may need to be done for 8 weeks,  If your dogs skin problems clear within that time then it is likly your dog has an allergic reaction to one or more of the ingredients in his food.You can then slowly re -introduce one ingredient at a time until you find what is causing the allergic reaction and exclude it from your dogs diet.

Dog skin allergies can be caused by many enviromental factors.  if your dog has what seems to be a seasonal allergic reaction it may take a few years to settle in.
Seasonal allergies that can effect your dog are:-

  Summer is the main time of the year when your dog may suffer an allergic reaction from flea bites.

Where as spring is the time of year when potetial allergens include dust mites and pollen.

Cure dog skin allergies.

The normal cure for dog skin allergies is a course of antihistamines and corticosteriods adminstered by your vet. These will provide relief for your dog and bring any symptoms under control. However Corticosetroids are extremly powerful drugs and many dog owners these days would much rather choose a more natural approach to curing dog skin allergies. This is where Vetrinary secrets revealed becomes a must read for any dog owner. It will teach you how to treat many illness, including dog skin allergies using simple house hold products, and saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in vets bills every year. So why not learn the natural techniques to treat your dog.


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    • wendymckee profile image

      wendymckee 7 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Good, informative hub. I don't care about spelling....if I can read and understand it, it's all good with me.

    • profile image

      Skin care 8 years ago

      my dog has problem.

    • eonsaway profile image

      eonsaway 8 years ago from New Mexico, USA

      You have very good information but need to recheck it for spelling mistakes and a few other things. If you can edit it I think it would be a better hub.