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Dog Training Shock Collar

Updated on November 14, 2010

The Safe Electronic Dog Training Collars Will Get Your Dog To Listen And Behave

In this article I will recommend tested dog training shock collars and explain how to use them.

Keep your dog in check with these dog training shock collars! Especially dangerous dogs have to stay under your control at all times to prevent injury to yourself or others.

Sometimes it is necessary to use drastic (but humane) measures to ensure your dog doesn't BITE anyone (especially children).

A shock collar might seem like an extreme measure which hurts the dog but these devices are perfectly legal and humane. They DONT HARM your pet.

Keep reading to find my recommended shock collars and how to actually use them to great effect...

The collars actually only administer a tiny shock OR vibration (depending on the model), which is more like static shock because of the low voltage. Yet this is enough to use in training your dog.

Your pet will not be harmed if you use one of the shock training collars recommended here and follow instructions. At most the dog will be startled.

What You Should Know About Shock Collars Before Purchasing One

Wouldn't You Want A Remote Control For Your Pet Sometimes?

Shock collars are NOT devices to be used as punishment and they DON'T hurt your dog in any way when used correctly and if you buy the correct collar. They just divert the dog's attention, surprise it and give it some discomfort.

Many pet owners actually test out the devices on themselves before trying them on their beloved pets and it's clear the sensation is merely a discomfort.

The collar can be used to control hard to control dogs, especially when the dog isn't responding to other kinds of training or is a danger to others.

You wouldn't want your pitbull (or any other breed of dog) to bite a child do you?

That's why training a pet dog is essential.

Prevention is key.

There are some cheap, low end collars out there to buy, but I can only recommend the medium to high end models for obvious reasons... Too much discomfort to your pet is not an option and a proper, well built collar will work well for a long time without any "glitches". Ever.

Dog Training Shock Collar For Bigger Dogs - Perfect For Bigger Dogs

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Product Features

* Remote trainer for dogs over 40 pounds with a range of up to 100 yards

* 10 easily adjustable levels of stimulation, from 250 volts to 7000 volts

* Option for negative tone without correction and negative tone with correction

* Low-battery indicator light; expanded training manual and batteries included

* Transmitter measures 1 by 1-1/2 by 6 inches; receiver 1-1/4 by 2-1/2 by 1 inches; limited lifetime warranty

How To Use An Electronic Dog Training Shock Collar

Without causing any harm to your pet!

You'll want to achieve a reaction from your pet but obviously so much it jumps up...

The way to get the right level is to start at the lowest "shock" level and gradually increase it until your dog shows a noticeable reaction. Your pet will scare up a bit and look around to find out where the sensation came from.

The way to improve a dog's behavior is to correct it when it does something wrong. For example, when you're taking your dog for a walk and it looks at another dog in a fixated manner (doesn't look away, just stares), you can correct it using the shock collar. Do it as soon as possible so the dog knows the reason for the correction. Don't worry about traumatizing your pet, animals constantly correct each other by nipping and hitting (in case of cats). These nips and hits don't injure their pack members or offspring, neither does the shock collar.

If you're trying to teach your dog how to sit, you can give the shock if it doesn't listen to you. Once it does, reward it by giving attention, a treat, or a toy. You can combine the positive reinforcement with a sound (for example by using a dog clicker), so that after a while all you have to do is make the clicking sound to offer positive reinforcement.

Make the shock continuous, until the dog responds correctly to your command. Repeat this exercise as often as needed so the dog learns.

To avoid the dog figuring out the collar is associated with the shock, keep the collar on the dog. Don't remove it after training is over, unless you don't plan to train your dog for a long time.

Shock Collar For Small Dogs - Excellent 5 star reviews!

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Product Features

* Remote trainer with a range of up to 100 yards for dogs under 40 pounds

* 10 easily adjustable levels of stimulation, from 400 volts to 6000 volts

* Option for negative tone without correction and negative tone with correction

* Low-battery indicator light; expanded training manual and batteries included

* Transmitter measures 1 by 1-1/2 by 6 inches; receiver 3/4 by 2 by 1 inches; limited lifetime warranty

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