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Dog clothing – ultimate fashion statement for your best friend.

Updated on January 29, 2012

I love to dress up my best friend / pet dog, Little Black. Although he is a little reluctant when it comes to pretty clothes, my mom and I have purchased / made him a few outfits that show off his face and body. Those that love dogs and fashion at the same time should read this fun hub. I have included photos of Little Black with each outfit.

Little Black and his little pink polka dot dress – This is the ultimate dress for summer and the beach. It has pink polka dots on white background. It looks great for Little Black because it contrasts against his dark fur. This little outfit will catch the eyes of lots of dog lovers. However, this dress is a little tight so he doesn't get to wear it that often. Nevertheless, it is fashionable and cute! I was going to post a picture of him wearing it. However, I couldn't find this little dress at the moment.

Little Black and his pink heart dress – This dress is one of his most wore dresses out of the dog wardrobe. Again, the pink contrasts nicely against Little Black's fur. It makes him standout from other dogs. This dress is a better fit than the little pink polka dot dress and shows off Little Black's face and figure nicely.

Little Black and his yellow sweater – This is for Little Black during the winter. He is so warm in this little sweater that we don't have to worry about him catching a cold. This bright yellow color contrasts nicely against his dark fur. We got tons of complements on this sweater; most are surprised to learn that my mom actually kitted this sweater for Little Black.

Little Black and his green / pink striped vest – This is another outfit made by mom for Little Black to wear during the colder seasons. This vest is one of the most wore item by Little Black and one of his favorites.

Little Black and his light pink sweater – This little sweater is for him to wear at home. During the cold winter, we want our dog to stay warm and happy. This sweater is very light and just right for the colder days. My mom knitted this sweater for Little Black as well.

Little Black and his pink striped sweater – This is a new sweater for him to wear at home. This is longer than his little pink sweater. Little Black seems to enjoy wearing this sweater more than anything else. It keeps him warm and comfortable during the winter months.

Little Black and his jean overall dress – This little dress is absolutely gorgeous on Little Black. We purchased this dress from a dog fashion shop in Beijing. They had so many outfits that I wanted to buy all of them for my little baby to wear. I picked out this one for a day in the dog park or just visiting family.

Little Black and his formal lace pink polka dot dress – Last but certainly not least, this dress was purchased at the same place as the jean overall dress. The color and details of this dress caught my eyes as soon as I walked in the store. What a pretty dress for my Little Black. Of course, this dress is only reserved for formal and special events!! I got him matching shoes as well. I think this is a gorgeous combination.


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    • angie ashbourne profile image

      angie ashbourne 5 years ago

      Hi! Adorable,I like the outfits, great hub. Angie

    • Emma Larkins profile image

      Emma Larkins 6 years ago from Manchester, MD

      This is adorable! You're lucky you can dress up your dog, ours will barely stand still!

    • JIN1128 profile image

      JIN1128 6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Thanks for letting me know. The sections were out of order. I don't even know how that happened. My Little Black hates the camera and would growl at me whenever he sees it.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Cute photos of Little Black. Nice that your mom can knit the sweaters for him. My cousin's wife dresses her Shih Tzu dogs in outfits and there are 5 of them! Lots of photos in the hub I wrote about them. We used to have a little mixed breed dog that loved her sweater when it was cold. Actually hated to have it removed and would growl at us when we had to take it from her. Is that what Little Black is doing in that photo with the purple sweater?

      Did you know that you have some photos BELOW the comment section? Almost missed seeing them!