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Dog Hair Shedding

Updated on August 26, 2012

If you have a full time indoor dog and are tired of cleaning up hair, I know your frustration! Even if you only have a part time indoor dog, or simply have issues with your outdoor pet shedding, this is an easy way to at least reduce the amount of hair your dog loses.

First is to give your dog a raw egg by cracking a fresh egg and placing the white and yolk onto his regular food in his (or her) bowl every two or three days. Do not give your pet the shell. You may want to begin by giving your dog an egg once a day to reduce the shedding more quickly, however, after a few days the shedding should reduce, and you should then cut back the egg consumption by waiting a day or two between adding an egg to one of “Fido’s” meals.

This may not completely stop all shedding, but it will significantly reduce the amount of hair your dog sheds. You will have to use a dog brush to remove the hair that is already dead or that continues to shed off his coat until it becomes healthier. Bathing your pet will help speed up the process of making the coat healthier and also instantly reduce the amount of hair left on your couch, floor, carpet, cloths and all of the other places you normally find this unwanted hair.

It may take up to a week for the coat to become healthy enough for you to really begin to notice a significant reduction in the shedding, but don’t give up if you don’t see results in the first several days

The protein in the egg is the largest contributing element to make his coat become healthier. Once your dog’s coat becomes silky and slick to the touch, it will not shed nearly as heavily. Remember, not all dogs are the same as far as their fur coats go. The type of dog and its particular coat is a prominent factor as to how well the egg treatment will work on your dog. Also, the size of the dog and his particular metabolism also plays an important role in the egg diet therapy. Very large dogs and those with a very fast metabolism may require a more frequent dose of egg in their diet to retain a healthy coat.

I don’t believe an egg or two a day will be harmful, but don’t over do it if you do not see results right away.

The only down side to the egg diet approach is that your dog may begin to have somewhat foul smelling gas. I haven’t noticed more frequent gas, but you may have to consider re-naming you pet “Stinker!”

I also know that instead of using eggs, you may try substituting olive oil instead on your pet’s food. (About a Table spoon for small dogs or up to 3 Table spoons for larger dogs) Olive oil will also reduce shedding by making the coat healthier. I have found that many dogs do not like the taste of olive oil and this therapy is somewhat more difficult to implement. Yes, you may have to become creative to give him olive oil to avoid the unwanted gas from eggs. It’s trial and error to find out which therapy works best for you and your dog.

I have never tried to implement both the egg and the olive oil therapies simultaneously, so, by dong so may cause your dog to have even more unwanted gas.

In conclusion, there may be other expensive products offered by veterinarian or dog professionals that work to make your pets coat healthier and reduce shedding, but I have found that simple eggs and a little scheduled pet hygiene work wonders.

Enjoy that couch without having to deal with pet hair.


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