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The Pug Corner, Is A Pug Right For You?

Updated on January 26, 2015

A Pugs Introduction

I will be bringing home my pug baby this coming week, and though I am very excited for her and her arrival into my home and my life. Research had to be done before hand, as did preparation. Whenever you look into getting ANY breed of dog, please ALWAYS do your homework on the breed and if the dog is right for you and your lifestyle, to ensure a happy ending for you and your new found family member.

Rescues & Adoption:

When thinking about adopting ANY dog breed, think rescues. So many rescues need good loving homes for there fosters. Many of the dogs in rescues are not bad dogs. In fact they are just dogs needing to be shown a little love and having a family willing to love them and care for them.

Check your local rescues for dogs who need a good home. They are getting new dogs that need homes by the hour and rescuing even one life makes it all worth while.


Is A Dog Right For You?

When thinking about bringing a dog into your home, whether a pug or any other dog breed, always do your homework. Part of that homework is knowing if a dog is even right for you and your family lifestyle. A few good questions you could ask are:

  • Financially Are We Able To Handle A New Dog?
  • What Type Of Dog Would Best Fit Our Household?
  • How Much Time Do We Want Or Have To Spend With A New Dog?
  • Our Any Other Pets We Have Ready For A New Animal?
  • Does Everyone Agree Upon Getting A Dog?
  • Are All Our Expectations Reasonable Within Limits?
  • Are We Prepared For The Worst?
  • Have We decided Upon A Shelter or Rescue?


A Pugs Blog: 101

Pugs are a good all around breed who can adapt to just about anything to throw there way. They are a dog that is happy to just be with you and adjust their mood to yours. Another words, if you are very energetic, so will your pug. If you are more laid back, so will your pug.

Here are some key characteristics about a Pug we will be looking at briefly in this article.

  • Pugs Temperament/Personality
  • Exercise
  • Health

The Pug Breed: Pug 101



Is a Pug right for you? A pugs personality is one of being playful. They love to play, chase and chew on toys. A Pugs favorite toy is a squeaky toy or a nicely flavored rawhide. Pugs also love playing with other pugs, and love their own breed best, but tolerate all breeds, it's just, no one understands another pug like a pug ;) They also enjoy playing games with their humans, and will start running around the house in a fun game with you running in and out and in between the furniture. As long as you have the energy to keep up this game will to go on. These little dogs are quite the characters.

However, these little dogs are all about the humans mood and energy level. They can sense if you are excited, happy, sad and if you have lots of energy or if you are more laid back. So, pugs can be super excited, as well as clam and quiet. It all depends on you, on what your pug will be.

The only mood that is original to the dog is one of being very stubborn. These little guys have being "stuck in the mud" down like none other. Depending on the pug themselves this stubbornness can vary in degree, but all pugs ARE stubborn to a certain degree. If your pug doesn't want to do something, it may be a challenge to get him or her to do it right away, and may take some training and work. However, a good treat usually always gets a pug out of their stubborn streak quite quickly as all pugs have a weakness for food.

Pugs and children go together like peas in a pod. Children love pugs and pug LOVE children. If you have children, whether it be yours, or grandchildren, etc. Your pug is going to love them. The only concern is to teach your little one not to pull on the tail and ears as this could hurt the dog.

No aggression is needed to be worried about, as Pugs are never aggressive. They are a fun loving free flowing personality type dog. All around Pugs are a great "watch dog", they are not aggressive with outsiders, or family, but if you were to get hurt by someone they would protect you. Dogs have a wonderful sense in who is there to harm you and who is not. By this natural sense in dogs, a pug makes a wonderful leveled watch dog, companion dog and playmate for any other dogs or kids you may have. Pugs also get along very well with other animals like cats, as pugs do not have a strong "prey" drive, they will likely only see the cat as part of the family and someone to play with, and pugs are very "cat-like" themselves as a breed. They are gentle with other animals and children but strong enough to take the rough rumbles of play time.

A fun characteristic of their personality is all the noises they make. They are much like a human child in the ways about them and the noises they make. They scream, whine, and snore, etc.

Pugs are routine keepers. They love having a routine and keeping a routine. They will go for anything, as they are all about their owners needs and wants and way of life, but do prefer to have a routine. For this, they are a great dog, because they will adapt to your routine and won't wake you or bother you about feeding.


A Pugs exercising needs are simple. They only need about 20 minutes of exercise per day and are quite happy with just playing inside for 20 minutes. These little dogs are all about you, and what you want. Whether it's going for a walk, playing in the yard, or playing indoors, they don't mind as long as they are with you.

Since pugs are such easy keepers, they do great in small apartments and homes, because they do not need a huge yard to run in or a lot of exercise.

However, if you have a Pug puppy, make sure you limit their exercise to 10-15 minutes for older puppies, and work your way to 20-25 minutes by the time they reach full adult.

Don't take your Pug out on long walks, as they can over heat and become over exercised, and this can cause joint problems. And make sure your Pug doesn't become overheated from too much sun exposure. The best times to walk a Pug is in the morning and in the late evening, when the sun isn't so high and hot in the sky.

Also make sure to bundle your little guy up in extreme cold conditions as well. Because of their short noses, hot and cold whether doesn't fair well with these guys, and a warm sweater may need to be put on them with a some pet booties. Many Pugs dislike wet conditions and some refuse to go out into it, like my mothers Pug. He won't go out in rainy weather, we suspect because of his arthritis. So make sure to use food encouragement and reward them with a treat when they go out. This will encourage them to go out and go potty when it is raining.

Also note, really rough and windy weather, that is extreme, can play havoc on the Pug and their eyes, so if possible, try avoiding these types of whether. Also note, that you do need to keep an eye on your Pug when walking, because a Pug is stubborn they won't give up easy, they will do whatever they have to to keep up with you and please you. So if you are on a walk they may continue walking with you at your pace even if they are struggling to breath or keep up at your pace. Make sure you are going at an easy pace for your little friend, otherwise, they may be having a hard time breathing, and this can be deathly.


Because of the make and build of a pug, Pug's do have a lot of health conditions you need to watch out for. Below I have listed these conditions, and then explain each one to you.

  • Proptosis
  • Entropion
  • Obesity
  • Pharyngeal Gag Reflex/ "Reverse Sneezing"
  • Stenotic Nares
  • Eye Prolapse
  • Wrinkles
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Demodectic Mange/ "Demodex"

Severe Health Issues

  • Necrotizing Meningoencephalitis
  • Hemivertebrae

Proptosis: A bulging of the eye anteriorly out of orbit.

Entropion: A medical condition where the eyelid folds inward.

Obesity: A medical condition where the body acquires too much fat. This is become a problem in Pugs if fed human food or too many dog treats, or over fed on dog food without proper exercise.

Reverse Sneezing: Rapid & repeated forced inhalation through the nose, accompanied by snorting or gagging sounds.

Stenotic Nares: A pinched or narrow nostrils.

Eye Proptosis/Prolapse: A condition resulting in a forward displacement & entrapment of the eye from behind the eyelids.

Wrinkles: Though not a medical condition in themsevles, they can require medical attention if not cleaned every day, to forgo an affection in-between the "fat roll" on the face.

Hip Dysplasia: Abnormal formation in hip socket- this can cause crippling lameness and/or painful arthritis in the hips.

Demodectic Mange: Skin condition cause by mites that can cause patches of bare skin on your dog.

More Health Conditions:

Necrotizing Meningoencephalitis: Inflammatory disease of the central nervous system.

Hemivertebrae: A wedged shaped vertebrae that can cause an angle in the spine creating medical health risks.

Different Coat Colors Of The Pug Breed

Click thumbnail to view full-size


So, let me ask the question again, is a pug the right dog breed for you?

These fun little characters can go for whatever your mood is, and are laid back to take care of the family and themselves. You can read a book, or go on some high striking adventure, whatever you choose, your pug is right there rooting for you and ready to join in the fun.


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