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Dog Clothes Patterns- Sew Your Own Designer Dog Clothes Fashions Cheap & Easy!

Updated on August 11, 2011

Dog Clothes Patterns To Sew

Love To Dress Your Small Dog?

If you are a person who loves to dress your dog, you are not alone.
Dressing up pets in the latest canine fashions is a worldwide phenomena, and shows no signs of slowing down!
Whether you have a girl or boy dog, the choices are practically unlimited.
For female doggies, there are everyday dresses, special occasion dresses, harness dresses, even wedding dresses! Girls also have their choice of skirts, shorts, blouses, coats and sweaters.
For males the choice is not quite as wide as for girls, but there are still lots of items out there for the boys. Pick from shorts, pants, tank tops, t-shirts, vests, motorcycle jackets, sweaters, coats, and even tuxedos with top hats.
Girls are often seen in hats while boys are often seen in neck-wear that resembles a shirt collar and tie.
For holidays, there are dozens of Halloween costumes to pick from, and other holidays have themed outfits as well.
As fun as dressing up your dog can be, it can also get very expensive. Pet clothing ranges in price and quality just as human clothing does. Big box discount and pet chains have dog clothing only costing a few dollars. At the other end of the spectrum is designer clothing- which can cost in the thousands of dollars!
Most of us purchase clothing somewhere in-between. Even this can be a substantial amount of money, and it can be quite easy to go overboard.
After all..... how can you deny your sweetheart when you see the perfect outfit? You know he or she is going to look absolutely adorable in it!

Male Dog Clothes Patterns To Sew

Cut The Cost Of Dressing Your Dog

One way to cut the cost of dressing your dog is to make it yourself!
It can be very rewarding to make cute outfits for your pet. You will love seeing him or her in something custom made just for them! Handmade clothing is one of a kind. Have fun expressing your creativity picking out a pattern design, fabric and notions.
If you have a pet that doesn't always fall into a pre-made clothing size category, sewing your own can ensure a perfect fit, tailor made for your pooch.
If you have never made pet clothing before, it is not hard. All you need are basic sewing skills, a sewing machine, a pattern and the materials to make your outfit.
Beautiful fabrics are available in almost every craft store, and there are tons of choices online. You can even cut up your old clothes and use the fabric to make your doggy clothes.
Where to get a pattern? Any store that sells fabrics also sells commercially made patterns. Most stores carry McCall's, Simplicity or Butterick patterns. These patterns are fine if all you want is a quick outfit to make. But- your pet deserves the best and you will want to make an outfit that is unique, cute and fun- just like your little diva or dude!
The solution is to find easy to sew designer dog clothing patterns that are as special as your fur-baby!


Dog Dress Pattern To Sew

Miss Daisy Designs Original Designer Dog Clothes Patterns To Sew

Miss Daisy Designs offers stylish, upscale designer dog clothes patterns to sew.
Miss Daisy has a growing line of designer dog apparel patterns that are unique and easy to sew. Anyone who has basic sewing skills can sew the designs.
All patterns are full-size with complete, detailed instructions and plenty of tips to make your creations come out perfect- the first time and every time.
Best of all- no waiting! Order, and the pattern is sent to your email address to download. You simply print it and get busy with the fun of sewing, instead of waiting for mail delivery!
Would you like to know more? Click on a link below to visit Miss Daisy Designs today!

Find Miss Daisy Designs At:

Visit Miss Daisy Designs New Website!

Visit Miss Daisy's New Shop On

Visit Miss Daisy's Shop On


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    • MissDaisyDesigns profile image

      MissDaisyDesigns 5 years ago from The Emerald Coast, FL

      @Grrrrr: The article did not say the patterns were free, nor are they in book form. Next time you may want to actually read the article.

    • profile image

      Grrrrrr 5 years ago

      You can't call your patterns free if you have to buy the book to get it

    • profile image

      anythya 6 years ago

      they arnt wrong, i design dog dresses and sell all over the world, all made to size and ranging from $40 up depending on materials used and the design in general, i started it from making my own stuff for my two little dogs, its fun and you can put all the creativity into a nice product :)

    • profile image

      Dog Clothes 7 years ago

      Nice write ups for pet apparel and Dogs Clothes. This can be a nice ideas for bonding time with me and my pet. Keep sharing with us and send us updates. Keep it up!

    • profile image

      Yorkie Lover 7 years ago

      Nice outfits! Wish I could sew!

    • profile image

      Cori 7 years ago

      Love your cute patterns! I will be checking them out on your shops!