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Dog Food Guide - How To Find The Right Dog Food

Updated on April 10, 2014

Where To Start

Having lots of dog food out in the market these days makes it a difficult task to figure out which one would best suit your dog. Considering that there are over a thousand dog food reviews, hundreds of dog food brands and recipes, where can you find help? Here are several things to consider before buying the right dog food for your pet.

Read The Labels

Take a look at labels. Regardless of well you know a particular brand, always look at the label. Labels can have lots of information about the brand so this is a good place to start. However, other labels tend to load their products with information that makes it difficult to understand. So just focus on the DFA’s product rating. Brands with a rating lower than two are considered as low quality, so favor those with higher ratings.


Know The Manufacturer

Know the manufacturer. Most pet owners assume that these dog food companies are the ones manufacturing their products. In reality, these companies usually outsource the manufacturing of their products to third party companies or sub-contractors. They are known as co-packers. The practice of outsourcing a product for manufacturing cannot be considered as a bad thing. However it is best to be aware of who they are and what history do they have in terms of product recall. For instance, a dog food company may not have any product recall history, but what if their manufacturer does. Being aware of these facts should protect your dog from poor quality dog food brands.


Investigate Product Development

Investigate how the manufacturer develops their products. You may find it surprising that there are no government regulations that would govern the product development of dog foods for these companies. So to ensure the healthiness of your pet, investigate the brand you are considering and find out who develops their product and if it meets the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) nutrition profile.

Know Their Source Of Ingredient

Know their ingredient source. Aside from investigating their product development, also find out their source of raw ingredients. Though most reputable dog food companies outsource their ingredients from quality sources, there are those that bring their ingredients from countries that have poor quality control or have a history of product recalls such as China.


Check On Availability

Consider availability. Unfortunately some of the best brands are hard to find as they are made by smaller manufacturers. They are usually available in small or local regions. This makes it difficult for pet owners living in remote areas to access these brands. Hence, the availability of a particular brand should be taken into consideration as well.

There are many dog food brands that are out in the market for you to choose from. Taking time out to check on the quality of these brands is worth the effort to protect the health of your pet dog.


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