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Top-Rated Dog Parks (USA)

Updated on November 29, 2014

America's Favorite Dog Parks . . . Dog-Friendly & Grrreat Fun!

From tree-lined trails to surf-splashed, sandy shores . . . beautiful dog parks, specifically created for our dogs to roam around off-leash, is becoming ever more popular in the United States.

Hundreds and hundreds of animal parks have been built across the nation . . . it's reported that there is at least one dog park in (or near) almost every major city. And if there's not one in your neighborhood yet, just wait, it shouldn't be too long before one is established near you!

With so many wonderful locations for dog owners to take their pets for a day of fun in the sun, its not easy to narrow the list down. Some parks have doggie playgrounds, others had swimming pools for dogs, and yet other locations put on shows and events for dog lovers.

"Best Dog Park For Small Dogs"

Bear Dog Park | Roseville, California

Many dog parks are loaded with medium to large-sized dogs running at fast speeds, playing with each other, and romping through the dirt. Unfortunately for smaller sized dogs, like Chihuahuas or Miniature Pinscher dogs, these areas can be a bit intimidating and too rough for the little guys. Bear Dog Park was built with these little canines in mind.

Bear Park has a special area fenced in for small dogs only. The entire space measures almost 1 acre of land that has a walking trail around the perimeter. There is even lighting fixtures and doggie showers for nighttime fun.

Bear Dog Park | 1575 Pleasant Grove Blvd. | Roseville, California

"Best Dog Park For Hosting Social Events"

Cedar Lane Park | Ossining, New York

Most dog parks have great atmosphere, but the Cedar Lane Dog Park is specifically noted for its wonderful social setting. While the dogs are busy playing and running around, their owners can be found sitting amongst themselves, chatting and sipping on hot coffee, tea, and muffins, which are all provided by the facility.

It's said that you'll even find dozens of devoted regulars of the dog park enjoying the crisp winter air on a frosty Christmas morning. Now that is what I call devotion!

And there are plenty of other social events which are scheduled throughout each month. There is an annual dog-swimming contest in addition to plenty of games and competitions for all you dog owners to participate in as well.

Cedar Lane Park | 235 Cedar Lane | Ossining, New York

"Best Dog Park With Amazing Exercise Trails"

Warren G. Magnuson Dog Park | Seattle, Washington

Although Seattle is known for its heavy rains and wet atmosphere, that doesn't stop thousands of dogs and their owners from taking a fun trip to Warren G. Magnuson Dog Park. This park is located alongside the shores of Lake Washington.

There are plenty of open areas for each dog to roam free, but its best features are the winding trails and footpaths that are looped throughout this huge 9-acre dog park. Every trail was created with the rainy weather in mind. They are composed of highly compact gravel which keeps the path from becoming muddy. The trails are even accessible by wheelchair.

Warren G. Magnuson Dog Park | 7400 Sand Point Way NE | Seattle, Washington

"Best 'Artificial Beach' Dog Park"

Alum Creek Dog Park | Lewis Center, Ohio

Located just a few minutes from the capital city of Columbus, Alum Creek Dog Park proves that you do not need to travel to the ocean or live near a big lake for your dog to have fun in the water.

Alum Creek Dog Park sits on land that is four acres in size, right alongside a large reservoir from Alum Creek State Park. The outdoor atmosphere is simply serene, with gently rolling fields and forest areas that provide plenty of recreational activities for dogs and their owners.

The dog "beach" itself was built for the sole purpose of entertaining dogs that love water. The area has a rock bed that gradually disappears into the cool, crisp water that just beckons each dog to take a swim.

Alum Creek Dog Park | 3615 S. Old State Road | Lewis Center, Ohio

101 Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog - Easy and Fun!

101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog
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"Best Dog Park For Agility Exercise"

Friends Forever Dog Park | Freeport, Illinois

Located throughout 9 acres of beautiful real estate, the Friends Forever Dog Park provides everything that an athletic dog needs for both physical and mental stimulation.

The facility is located in the northern part of Illinois and even comes complete with a dog pool to keep your pet wet and comfortable during the hot summer months.

The agility equipment and exercise platforms were built specifically for dogs that enjoy the challenge of vigorous play. They consist of dog walks, jumps, weave poles, and an A-frame.

Friends Forever Dog Park | 966 Rudy Road | Freeport, Illinois

"Best Dog Park With Incredible Dog Owner Workshops"

Kenton Paw Park | Covington, Kentucky

What makes Kenton Paw Park so unique amongst the hundreds of other dog parks across the United States of America is the fact that this facility hosts workshops designed to educate dog owners with training and socialization for their pets. In fact, the dog park was built with socialization training at the top of the list.

Located in the state of Kentucky, this park has a full schedule of calendar events that teach dog owners everything from basic dog training techniques to fun games to play with your dog. The park even hosts dinner events and pool parties. And all of these popular classes that are taught to dog owners are hosted by three local veterinarians whom donate their time.

Kenton Paw Park | 3950 Madison Pike | Covington, Kentucky

"Best Dog Park With Unique Safety Measures"

Bark Park (inside Snyder Park) | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Of the hundreds of dog parks located in the United States, we found one special facility that makes safety the #1 priority over the other parks.

Dogs will be dogs, and scuffles are bound to break out in any park area between two or more dominant canines. It happens when you least expect it. The owners rush to the fight scene and do their best to tear their dogs away. Unfortunately, not only do scuffles like this mark the end of the day's playtime activities for the dogs, someone could also get hurt.

But what if there was a dog park that had on-site attendants whose only job was to monitor each dog and be on alert for bad behavior? Such a service has been created and can be found at the Bark Park, insideof Snyder Park, in the state of Florida.

The costs for such a safety measure is paid for by a small annual fee that each owner pays.

Bark Park (inside Snyder Park) | 3299 S.W. 4th Avenue | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"Best Dog Park(s) With Amenities For Dog Owners"

This category includes two dog parks with great acomodations for dog owners!

Robert L. Nelson Dog Park | Goshen, Indiana

Most dog parks are built exclusively with dogs in mind. Of course this is a wonderful thing, but for those of you who are traveling through Indiana and would like to stop at a dog park that provides a comparable setting for its human visitors, look no further than the Robert L. Nelson Dog Park.

This facility is located in the northern part of Indiana. There is a huge pavilion built with an A-line roof that shades its guests from the hot sun or rainy weather.

There are plenty of comfortable chairs and tables to relax in while you watch your dog play outside in safety, protected by a fenced-in area.

Robert L. Nelson Dog Park | 60376 C.R. 13 | Goshen, Indiana

. . . . . . .

Point Isabel Regional Shoreline Dog Park | Richmond, California

If you are ever traveling through California with your dog, be sure to take a day and head to the Point Isabel Regional Shoreline Dog Park. This amazing facility is not only prestigious for its dog attractions, but also noted as having the best amenities for dog owners of all of the parks throughout the nation.

After a day of romping through the mud and getting wet in the water, your dog can be taken to the local dog washing center to clean off, which is located on the grounds area. Looking to buy some new dog equipment or treats? Why not visit the doggie store and retail shop which is also located inside the park area.

Need a snack after being outside all day, watching your dog have fun? Point Isabel also has plenty of food and drink for your enjoyment at the Mudpuppy's Sit & Stay Cafe. And don't worry about your dog, the cafe also caters to making dishes that your pet can gobble up which is both satisfying and healthy.

Point Isabel Regional Shoreline Dog Park | 1 Isabel Street | Richmond, California

"America's Best All-Around Dog Park"

Cosmo Dog Park | 2502 E. Ray Road | Gilbert, Arizona

Cosmo Dog Park has been in existence for just over 1 year and is the most inviting location for pet owners to bring their dogs due to its outstanding park features.

The facility is built on 4 acres of land just outside the city of Phoenix. According to a poll taken by Money Magazine, the city of Gilbert itself was recently voted as one of America's finest places to live. Therefore, it didn't surprise us that the dog park which was chosen to be created here would match the city's fine reputation.

Equipped with dog-friendly water fountains that come in interesting shapes (like a fire hydrant for example), climbing structures for the dogs, a man-made swimming pool that allows dogs to jump into it, tubes for fun and racing, and plenty of patios, benches, and tables for the guests, it is no wonder that Cosmo is America's favorite dog park. They even have a dog beach for the animals.

If the desert sun gets too hot for you or your dogs, there is plenty of shaded area with relaxing amenities to help you escape the heat. There are four patios that are completely covered and provide cool shade with comfortable chairs and tables.

Tidbit: Before the opening of the park, the people of Gilbert were so excited about the development of the new dog area that many were caught climbing over the fences just to get an early peak. Who could blame them? The park was built completely with dogs in mind.

Cosmo Dog Park | 2502 E. Ray Road | Gilbert, Arizona

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