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Dogs and Kiddie Pools

Updated on June 30, 2014

Meet Shelby!

My ten year old German Shepherd has been krazy for kiddie pools since the first day we plopped one down in front of her. She doesn't lie in it or anything like that like one would assume for a hot day. She does a walk through and drinks the water on calm days and on excited days she will just dig out the water. It is hilarous to watch and so obvious that she is having a grand ole time.

We used to think that our dog was unique in her love for kiddie pools but as you will see below, many a dog lover has uploaded their dogs cooling in kiddie pools to YouTube.

Have fun, stay cool!

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Big Dogs Love Kiddie Pools

I have a big dog who loves her kiddie pool so I wasn't completely surprised to see other big dogs loving their kiddie pools too.

One of Shelby's Favorite Things

KONG Extreme Large
KONG Extreme Large

The Kong is her oldest toy and she always seems to go back to it. She will even take it into the pool with her.


Little Dogs Love Kiddie Pools

I don't know why but I was a little more surprised to find little dogs love kiddie pools. I guess I have always thought of water sports as a big dog event. I sit corrected. Look at these cuties having fun while keeping cool.

Waiting Not-So-Patiently

Waiting Not-So-Patiently
Waiting Not-So-Patiently

German Shepherds in Kiddie Pools

Since I have a bit of an affinity for German Shepherds I had to look to see if there were many shepherd kiddie poolers and of course there is. Maddy has the same pool that Shelby does!

But I Want an Indoor Pool!

This is my new favorite pool video. Gus the bulldog has decided he wants his pool inside and not outside. You have to watch it to the end to appreciate.

Tell us a dog meets pool story or just say "hi"! You don't have to be a squid member to leave a warm fuzzy.

Dog Lovers Unite

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    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      We often had kiddie pools for our dogs, they always loved it! They have to cool off too on those hot summer days! Loved your lens, now pass the word! LOL