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Updated on November 26, 2011

Beautiful Bengal Cat

Domestic Bengal Cats


Those cats - there are non other like them. The Bengal cat is a domestic breed derived from crossing a Leopard cat with a domestic cat. Bengal cats are the first cats registered and promoted as domestic Bengals.

The Bengal's counterpart, the Leopard cat, originates from Asia and is small and non aggressive. From the first to any subsequent generations born from breeding Leopard cats with domestic cats, these exotic cats are considered and recognized as a domestic Bengal cat. I might add that the name Bengal is in no way related to Bengal tigers.

Bengal cats that have been raised properly (well socialized with people) acclamate themselves well into homes with small children. They can make wonderful pets. Very curious and intelligent, they give and aim to receive a lot of love. Bengal cats are one of the healthiest of all breeds of domestic cats. This is a definite plus in that Bengals are low maintenance, thus a less expensive pet to care for.

An average weight for male Bengals is 10-18 pounds and 6-12 pounds for a female. Most Bengal cats are athletic and their hair is generally short and silky. A friend of mine has a Bengal (I want it baby!) with the most gorgeous hair. Bengie's hair is sparkly and glittery. It looks as if he has fallen into golden fairy dust. So beautiful!

Bengal cats are very active. You will not find one of these exotic beauties living happily with a couch potato. Exotic, yes, and their antics will amaze you. They want you in their business and they will make it a point to be in the middle of yours. There is never a dull moment with these exotic cats in your house.

Bengals can and are often trained to be walked with a leash. It takes some patience and time on your part. Most of them are about as easy to train as a dog. As with any animal, it takes a little time and before you know it, they will be walking you all over your neighborhood.

Exotic cats, Bengals, are not really cheap. The average price range for a Bengal kitten is usually between $500 and $1,000. A few times, I have seen sale prices as high as $1,500.

What do these exotic cats eat? They aren't picky. But, because they are so high energy, a good quality cat food with lots of meat and protein is highly recommended. Feed them twice per day.

I can't praise Bengal cats enough. I am totally in love with these unique beauties. There is no other domestic cat that compares with them. Santa, Baby - bring me a Bengal this Christmas or else.......................


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