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Driving Dogs! How to teach a Dog to Drive!

Updated on December 17, 2014

Driving School for Dogs!

Dogs who are abandoned or returned to dogs homes can often be the result of poor behaviour due to under stimulation. Certain breeds such as The Whippet and Giant Schnauzer are very intelligent, and need intellectual stimulation as well as physical exercise.

With dedicated training, bad behaviour will cease when the dogs concentration focuses on pleasing you through tricks and positive reinforcement. This was the idea behind the work of the New Zealand society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, who set up the worlds first driving school for dogs, to show just how clever the animals can be.

The three dogs that were trained to drive had all previously been abandoned by their owners, and branded too badly behaved to be a family pet. Just look at them now - You can teach an old dog new tricks!

My dog Milo is a rescue dog, and he has learnt various tricks over the years that have bought smiles to many people's faces. I have to say though, he can't drive....yet! Read on to find out more about driving dogs!

Picture: Monty the Giant Schnauzer

Image from:

The Driving Trio: Monty, Ginny and Porter

Monty (Giant Schnauzer), Ginny (whippet cross) and Porter (collie cross) were the troublesome trio of abandoned dogs who were rehabilitated and taught to drive. This December, they passed their 'doggy driving tests' by driving a mini around a racetrack in Auckland!

I think that Porter is the cutest. Monty, the Giant Schnauzer is just hilarious!

Meet Porter - The Worlds First Driving Dog!

Monty the Giant Schnauzer

Which dog is the better driver?!

Who is the better driver? Porter the Collie Cross or Monty the Giant Schnauzer?

How did they teach these dogs to drive?

The New Zealand Driving School for Dogs followed 6 main stages to set up and train the dogs.

Stage 1 - Choosing the Dogs

Stage 2 - Mini Dogification

Stage 3 - Basic Training

Stage 4 - Training on the Rig

Stage 5 - Training in the Car

Stage 6 - Training on the Track

Stage 1 - Choosing the right dogs

Dogs that are highly food motivated and eager to learn are perfect for this programme.

Stage 2 - Mini Dogification

The Mini 'dogification' is the stage where the mini is modified to have controls that are doggy friendly, such as the gear stick and steering wheel!

Stage 3 - Basic Training

Stage 4 - Training on the Rig

This is essentially the 'doggy go-carts' stage!

Stage 5 - Training in the Car

Stage 6 - Training on the Track

What do you think of the Driving School for Dogs?

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    • TerriCarr profile image

      TerriCarr 3 years ago long as they don't get on the expressway or drive more than 40 mph, then I think it's fine :-))