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Squeaker Mats - Fun and Durable Dog Squeaky Toys

Updated on August 17, 2014

Squeaker Mats are Hard to Destroy Toys for Dogs and Lots of Fun!

Are you tired of buying your dog plush squeaky toys, only to have them laying in shreds on the floor in an hour? Does your dog make it his mission in life to destroy that evil squeaker as soon as possible, whenever you buy them a toy ? Are you looking for a durable, hard to destroy, plush squeaker toy for your dog that will last for a long time?

Let me introduce you to Squeaker Mats!

Squeaker Mats are flat, plush mats that have multiple squeaky toys sewn into the mat. The mats also have an adorable animal head, four feet and a tail. They are the perfect shape for dogs to lay on, roll on, or toss around. You can even play tug of war with them, they can take it! Squeaker Mats are extremely well made, and can survive a lot of abuse without tearing or shredding.

Below you will find a great selection of Squeaker Mats to choose from. Buy one for your furry pal today!

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Kyjen Plush Squirrel Squeaker Mat - Each Mat has 16 Squeakers

Peppy Penguin Squeaker Mat - Big Fun for Dogs

Set of Four 12-Inch Squeaker Mat Plush Dog Toys - 13 Squeakers Each

Plush Snake Squeaker - Also Comes in Red

6 squeaker snake is shown. Also comes in 3 squeaker for small dogs and 12 squeaker for large dogs.

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  • EbizTaxTips LM profile image

    EbizTaxTips LM 4 years ago

    Very cute! Thinking about getting one for my cat. She thinks she's a dog and likes dog toys better than cat toys ;)

  • profile image

    greatgifts4u 5 years ago

    I think these are adorable!

  • retta719 profile image

    Loretta 5 years ago from United States

    My dogs love ripping the squeakers out of toys and then doing their best to destroy the squeaker! Penny even destroyed one of the "fluffless" supposedly-indestructible toy foxes. I've never seen these before, a dozen squeakers per toy? That should keep them occupied for at least a day, right!?! I'll have to pick some up and give it a try.