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Best DVD for Cats to Watch

Updated on October 4, 2014
VladimirCat profile image

Vladimir is a former champion ratter (retired). His hobbies are bushwalking, birdwatching and nature studies

For Cats to Watch when you're not home

Is your cat stuck at home all day? Is your house suffering the effects of a bored cat?

Give your feline companion something to do while you're out all day. Your cat needs a DVD to watch!

I personally recommend a cat-specific DVD, I have one of my own and I can watch it over and over (I love the bird calls) although I've long since given up trying to claw the bits I want out of the television screen. .

If you're anything like the woman who feeds me, then you enjoy watching a good DVD now and then but did you ever stop to think your cat might enjoy a little television too?

My favourite is the golden oldie, Video Catnip

The Watching Cat watching you
The Watching Cat watching you | Source

Why Cats like DVDs

I'm a Watcher!

Like all cats, I'm motion-sensitive and constantly on alert for signs of prey.

I like to run after a piece of string you're pulling too, or chase a ping pong ball, that's acting out my ambush fantasies, but watching is what I do best.

I study the movements of my prey and plan ahead to where the prey is going to be, then I work out how to respond to any defensive maneuvers. I can watch for hours!

That's also why I love to stare out the window. I'm a Watcher!

The name says it all

Video Catnip
Video Catnip

The name says it all! Video Catnip!


The video that started it all

The Original Video Catnip is 25 minutes in length and has been the best selling pet video in the pet industry since its release in 1989.

The DVD contains the Original Video Catnip and an additional 1 1/2 hour of footage for a total running time of approximately 2 hours. Shot in the highest quality video available and professionally manufactured and packaged, this is the video that started it all

Birdies! On YouTube

What do you think?

Would you get your cat a DVD?

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    • profile image

      grannysage 4 years ago

      I knew someone who turned the SyFy channel of for her bird all day. He particularly likes shows with lots of blood and gore. Maybe he thought he was a raptor. She said once her TV was broken and the bird got very depressed.

    • profile image

      Agapantha 4 years ago

      I could watch these DVDs too, They may be for cats but they look pretty relaxing

    • David Dove profile image

      David Dove 6 years ago

      and I thought that I was a cat freak, I'm not even in training compared to this body of work, wonderful. Thank you.

    • Paul Ward profile image

      Paul 6 years ago from Liverpool, England

      I'd imagined you as more of the documentary type - wars and conquests,