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Eagle Tattoos Designs

Updated on October 31, 2015

Eagle Tattoo


Eagle Tattoos Designs the Symbol for Freedom, Power and Liberation

Eagles whether in tattoo form or not are magnificent birds that have and still carry a lot of powerful symbolism with them. They are predominantly a masculine tattoo of strength, Action and opportunity not to mention the totem of the USA which looks to many of the attributes of this beautiful bird.

I love the eagle and it can make for an awesome design whether you want a portrait shot or the bird in flight.

Tattoo art has always fascinated me. Some of the best art around is being carried about on our bodies. Eagle Tattoos Designs is no exception. The page has shared some of those designs and gives ideas for others.

Eagle Landing on Prey


The Eagle on the Arm

This eagle has been cleverly designed to fit on the arm even though the wings are spread and the bird is in flight. It looks at though it is about to attack it's prey.

A very dramatic piece with a lot of fine detail. I think that it works well on this person because he has good muscle tone which allow the spreading of the birds wings. However I don't think it would work so well if he were skinny.

Mark Crosses Sneaky Eagle


Sneaky Eagle

This "sneaky eagle" tattoo by Mark Cross is quite dramatic with its beautiful colors and interesting pose. Although the eagle is not in flight there is still an energy about the design. Having a background helps to add color and interest. While the shading of the wings fading gives depth and interest.

The before and after with the strong outline shows how a good outline can make a picture.

Big Eagle Temporary Tattoo

Although only a temporary image this would look fantastic as a more permanent addition.

Lots of Designs For Ideas

If you are looking to get an eagle tattooed onto your body these pictures may help spark ideas for it. There are lots to choose from from simple head poses, to birds in flight and from just the eagle to having many other symbols, These may be personal to you or stand up with the general meaning of the eagle.

There are definitely a lot of variations in these pictures with a lot of symbolism and personal interpretations. Some are very patriotic while others have a simple tear.

An Eagle with A Lot of Symbolism


While eagles have a lot of symbolism of their own there is no reason why you cannot add to it. This design has lightning bolts in the claws. There are many different interpretations to this meaning. Of course lighting (thunder) bolts are the symbol for Zeus Greek God.

I have to be careful here as three rings represent the trinity though usually depicted in a more pyramidal shape so these may have a different meaning.

The pyramid the is symbol of the Masons, Illuminati etc.

Have Fun With Temporary Eagle Tattoos

Some fun temporary tattoos of eagles for all occasions.

Temporary Tattoo Eagle Tattoo
Temporary Tattoo Eagle Tattoo

Dramatic eagle a great design


Another Eagle in Action


In Action

Black graduation color and orange seem to be popular color combinations for the eagle, perhaps this is because it looks dramatic or perhaps it is because it represents the Golden Eagle. Whatever the reason it certainly works a treat. They are very bold and masculine designs.

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