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English Bulldogs - Ideal Pets

Updated on July 28, 2009

If you are considering buying a dog and are not sure if the English bulldog is the right choice then read on to learn more. Specifically, we will look at what makes the English bulldog the perfect pet for a family with children, why they are perfect as an indoor dog and general care. After reading this article you should be convinced that the English bulldog is the only dog you will ever want.

English bulldogs may have a bad reputation as an aggressive breed of dog but nothing could be further from the truth. This reputation stems from the fact that they were bred for bull baiting, a gambling sport popular in the 17th century but the modern day bulldog is a sweet, intelligent and lovable dog.

English Bulldog Puppy

Winston, when I could still hold him in my lap, snoring his head off
Winston, when I could still hold him in my lap, snoring his head off

The English bulldog is very loyal and becomes very attached to its family. He is very gentle and patient with children, even if there is a lot of sudden noise and movement around him he will not react aggressively. Children can pull, poke and prod him and he will stay there and take it, albeit with a "poor me" look on his face even though he enjoys the attention.

The bulldog is also very social and has a tendency to be friendly to most strangers, which detracts from his use as a guard dog, but is great if you are looking for a companion. Even if he has a "mean" look to him and some initially may avoid him, he loves to be the center of attention and will look for any opportunity to be petted and generally just doted on.

Regarding the reputation of being lazy, that is absolutely spot on. They love to have a good long sleep, and by long I mean most of the day and night with only a few hours in the day when they wish to play. Even then, they are not overly active dogs and cannot run far so if you want a jogging partner, I suggest you look elsewhere. If you want a dog to curl up and watch a movie with, or more aptly put, you watch, he snores, then the bulldog is perfect.

Bulldogs are very intelligent animals but can be difficult to train because they are very stubborn. It's not so much the training part that is difficult, since he will catch on right away what you want, it's the later execution that is problematic. He will do it if you really insist. You tell him to "sit", he looks at you with a face that says "do I have to?" and then you repeat yourself and he will listen. For example, there are bulldogs that can skateboard so they are not that hard to train. For a laugh check out the video below.

They generally don't require much special care other than making sure their skin folds are clean, especially those near the eyes and the tail. Other than that the regular care you would provide any dog is all that is required.
They are amazing pets, loyal to a fault and you won't regret getting one. The only problem is that you may end up wanting more than one, just like me.

Isn't Winston the cutest?
Isn't Winston the cutest?


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    • Temperance M profile image

      Temperance M 8 years ago from Oregon

      Bulldog on a skateboard, that's just too funny!

    • KatieE39 profile image

      KatieE39 8 years ago from Colorado

      I just love dogs!