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Entertain Your Cat

Updated on November 2, 2014
Virginia Allain profile image

Birds and wildlife fascinate me. I enjoy observing them and photographing them wherever I go. I share what I learn here.

My sister loves cats and recently added a new, younger cat to liven things up in the household.

The Problem - She found the new cat needing more attention and entertainment than the older, more sedate cats. Since she works at home, she really doesn't have time to play games with her cat all day. She needs to earn a living.

I searched for some ideas for her problem and suggested those videos with fish, birds and squirrels. She said Charlie, the new cat, didn't seem interested in those. Furthermore he was bouncing around the house both day and night, so her sleep was suffering. She finally had to shut him out of the bedroom as he was too wild. Then he would cry outside the door wanting into the room.

FroliCat Laser Toy to the Rescue - Finally I found this laser pet toy and suggested it. That same day, she bought one and set it up for rambunctious Charlie. He loved it and spent all evening pouncing on the light as it moved around automatically. Even Olive, her Maine Coon cat, bestirred herself to investigate this new form of feline amusement. Annie took an interest in it too.

Meet My Sister's Cats

(photos below by Karen Kolavalli)

Then take a look at a few more fun cat toys.

Photo Gallery of My Sister's Cats

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Laying around occupies much of the day and night for an older house cat.Annie in her Sphinx position.Olive giving her opinion of the cat sitter video with a big yawn.Charlie in a rare moment of repose.
Laying around occupies much of the day and night for an older house cat.
Laying around occupies much of the day and night for an older house cat.
Annie in her Sphinx position.
Annie in her Sphinx position.
Olive giving her opinion of the cat sitter video with a big yawn.
Olive giving her opinion of the cat sitter video with a big yawn.
Charlie in a rare moment of repose.
Charlie in a rare moment of repose.

Older Cat or Young Cat?

Which Do You Have?

See results

FroliCat makes some other great toys for bored kitties.

A Young Cat Needs to Use up Excess Energy

Charlie has to kill this pillow, but it would be better to direct his play with a cat toy like I've shown here.
Charlie has to kill this pillow, but it would be better to direct his play with a cat toy like I've shown here. | Source

Fun for People Too

After her work day ended, my sister found it endlessly entertaining and relaxing. She could put her feet up and watch her cats leap and dodge after the elusive light.

The first night after Charlie spent a frenzied evening trying to capture the laser light, she expected him to be tuckered out and to sleep through the night. Unfortunately he was so excited that he was even more of a terror than usual. The second day and night was a different story. He still played with the cat laser but was not so over-stimulated and he was less active that night.

What's your situation? Is your cat young and seeking entertainment or older and needing some stimulation and exercise? Either way, this should work for you.

See the FroliCat Laser Toy in Action:

You can see in these videos how much fun the cats are having with this automatic light source. It provides hours of exercise for an otherwise sedentary house cat.

© 2013 Virginia Allain

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    • gottaloveit2 profile image


      4 years ago

      I've only rescued older cats so haven't had a problem with an overactive feline but love the laser idea. My last basset-wanna-be, Barley, would go CRAZY chasing the laser outside. And, he had a similar problem of being overly stimulated with it - I had to limit his time chasing it or he'd have withdrawal.

    • profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      4 years ago

      Just give me the opportunity to become a crazy cat lady and I would leap at the chance. Unfortunately hubby is holding me back. I so do love these beautiful loving creatures.


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