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Equestrian Gifts Ideas

Updated on December 13, 2012

Give A Horse Lover A Great Equestrian Gift

An growing number of jewelry designers and makers are providing horse design choices because the horse's physique make ideal subject for a jewelry collection. These interesting items of jewelry, ranging from inexpensive baubles to huge diamond-stud pendants, can match any outfit for any function.

This type of jewelry can contain gems or precious stones like rubies, sapphires, pearls, diamonds, or crystals - while all comprise of metals such as sterling silver, gold, white gold, or platinum. Less pricey fabrics, such as beads and semi precious stones, are freely available. Giving a horse lover a great equestrian gift is a good idea for all occasions. If they love horses, let them show it with your gift.

The Most Popular Type Gifts For Equestrians

The most popular jewelry item is a necklace fashioned to look like a horse. There are many alternatives for pendants of Equuleus design, with some showing the head of the horse, often with a selection of frame shapes that may be plain or embossed. Other pendant patterns are horse shoe, bit, stirrup, hunting horn, crop and boot, dressage horse, saddle, hoof pick, golden boot, blue ribbon, and numerous others. Some charms can also be used as pendants, such as bell boot, breed and pail charms.

Become one of your own greatest fashion devotees by designing and interchanging your own charm bracelets. Charm patterns we sometimes see are heart horse, horse shoes, boot jacks, paddock boots, blue ribbons, dressage hat, among others. As for the chain, it can be plain, or with patterns such as stirrup, toggle, bit or cable. Earrings with designs matching pendants are highly popular, since they are often sold together. Some like smaller stud earrings, while others opt for longer, dropping ones with fashionable patterns being horse shoes and stirrup irons.

Horse rings are available and the best thing about horse rings is that men and women both can wear them as well as using them for engagement rings or wedding gifts. You can also find horse themed breast pins, cuff links, and pins. While these are not generally believed to be jewelry, they are in that class due to the cost and the materials employed. Gold equestrian breast pins and square horse cufflinks are a few cases. As far as pins go, you can find saddles, hunting whips, horns and even heart-shape horses for designs. There are barrettes for the hair as well, some diamond-embossed for a elaborate hair accessory. You don't need to enjoy horses in order to wear equestrian jewelry, in fact you may not even like to put on jewelry at all but with the many designs for sale, there is one that you'll surely grow to value and love. So, if you're considering about spicing up your wardrobe or if you're running out of gift themes for a friend or family member who loves horses, why not try horse jewelry - because it's elegant, chic and never goes out of style.

More Equestrian Jewelry Idea's

Horse enthusiasts show their love for horses by adorning their houses with horse decor and wearing equestrian dress or equestrian jewelry. The beauty of a horse's physique and elegance of its stand and pace make it the ideal addition to any jewelry which is why increasingly jewelry makers have horse contrived collections. From trinkets to big diamond-stud pendants, these bits of jewelry can match any wardrobe and can be worn at any occasion. Gold, white gold, sterling silver or platinum, might be the metals used to construct this jewelry, but other jewelry is metallic, moreover other sorts of jewelry include gemstones such as diamonds, pearls, turquoises, sapphires, rubies or crystals. Of course less costly materials include strings of beads and semi-precious gemstones.

As for the jewelry types, the most popular is the necklace where horse designs are generally in the pendant. There are many pendants that picture a horse head, also known as the Equus design, the head is displayed in a round or square frame that is plain or embossed. Some pendants show the horse in an extended trot. Pendants include a horse shoe, saddle, golden boot, stirrup, crop and boot, hunting horn, blue ribbon, dressage horse, bit, hoof pick, and much more. A selection of these charms, such as the bell boot, breed and pail can double as pendants for necklaces.

Another jewelry form is the bracelet with good luck charms which are used to embellish the chain and with slide or clip-on charms, you are able to mix and match the charms and bangles that you have. Some common charm patterns include heart horse, horse shoe, boot jack, paddock boot, blue ribbon and dressage hat. As for the chain, it can be plain, or with designs such as stirrup, toggle, bit or cable. Earrings with designs matching pendants are highly popular, since they are sometimes sold together. Some like smaller stud earrings, while others prefer longer, dangling ones with popular designs being horse shoes and stirrup irons.

Horse rings are available and the best thing about horse rings is that men and women both can wear them as well as using them for engagement rings or wedding gifts. Horse patterns are also available for brooches, pins or cuff links and while they are generally not considered jewelry, they do still, fall in this family because of the material used and its cost. Some alternatives include square cuff links with the picture of horses on them and horse horse rider pins made of gold. As far as pins go, you can find saddles, hunting whips, horns and even heart-shape horses for patterns. There are barrettes for the hair as well, some diamond-studded for a elaborate hair accessory. Wearing equine jewelry doesn't mean you love horses, but with all the patterns available it is simple to find one you'll love and treasure even if you're not inclined to wear jewelry. If you are considering livening up your style of apparel or if you can't figure out what kinds of gifts to buy a friend or relation who adores horses, why don't you get horse jewelry because it is beautiful, chic and it is always in fashion.

Equestrian Wear

Gift Idea's For Equestrian Wear Items

Each equestrian sport is unique and demands different skills from the horse rider so their clothing is not just used for presentation but also to help them move easily during competitions. In order for a horses rider to be protected well, there are a lot of types of clothing that need to be worn. The main dress of an equestrian are composed of horse riding headgear, jackets, boots, jodhpurs and breeches, body safe-guard, chaps and gaiters. For a novice it is important to know each of this apparel. Each individual's favorite might vary but it is necessary to be have knowledge about the fundamental principles before acquiring any clothes since horse back riding can be costly and the clothes for this action is no exception.

Horses can be trained, but situations are unpredictable, whether in competition or horseback riding for pleasure - so the equestrians hat is the most important dress as it safeguards the rider from falls. The hat, with its hard shell and shock absorbing lining, provides protection for the rider in case of a fall. When you're not riding, it is still necessary to wear them, since the horse may kick when you are on the ground.

If the rider falls, the [hat] can become damaged and less effective in future uses so you should be sure to buy a new one. The protection also decreases over time as the padding compresses from daily use so horseback riding hats should be replaced ever three to four years. Three basic headgear are available for the riders with the first one being the classic horseback riding hat which is a traditional velvet hat available brown, black, or navy with a hard peak.

You will also run across the skull cap with is a equestrian helmet that does not have a peak and can be seen worn by a number of jockeys. It's now popular with other horse riders for leisure or contest and silks which are peak covers can be placed over the skull cap giving the appearance of a horse riding hat. There are also novelty silks ideal for young ones with eyes and ears sewn on them for example. Similar to a cycling horse riding helmet is the skull protector, it is ventilated and lightweight, making those warm summer day rides a lot more comfortable.

Riding hats have chin straps and should conform to the horse riding hat safety standards and the United Kingdom for example, has 3 safety standards. Riding headgear should follow one of these standards for optimum safety of the horse rider so the chin straps should be able to secure the hat safely and securely on the riders head. Riders should always remember to secure their headgear with beginners purchasing one which is comfortable for them. Riding hats are critical pieces of equestrian clothing that safeguard the rider by reducing the risk of severe injury during potentially fatal falls. To ensure safety, invariably buy a new horseback riding hat because a used one may look fine on the outside but suffered some hidden damage that reduces its capability to safe-guard.

Thank You For Horsing By!

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