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Are you selling your horse

Updated on May 20, 2012

Selling your horse first class

Sell your horse the right way, make the experience for the buyer a great one, meaning the buyer will go away thinking your horse is the one for them. Starting at classified adverts, you must be honest right from the start. No point making out your horse its something its not. State correct height, age, colour, who it suitable for. Do some preparation bring it in from the field, tidy it up get it feet done, worm it, groom it, so its coat is shining check for cuts brusing so these can be treated clean gear if you are going to be riding it. Make sure you are well prepared. Make sure you asked the prospective buyer questions when they enquire to make sure that your horse is suitable and doesn't waste their time in travelling out to see it. As for online selling., again make sure you are upfront and honest with the description you provide so you get the best possible buyer for you horse.

selling your horse


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