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Everything Elephants

Updated on January 21, 2014

Everything Elephants

Are you looking for a magnificent gift for a friend of loved one? Elephants have been know to symbolize strength, wisdom, and royal power. A friend of mine has collected all types of elephant figurines, paintings, etc. for many years. When I began looking for a gift for her I was amazed at all the beautiful things I found. Both African Elephants and Asian Elephants are by far the most beautiful creatures in all of creation. My favorites, however, are the beautiful baby elephants. It is amazing how cute they are, despite their great size.

Elephants through out the ages

I learned a lot about elephants when shopping for my friend, but more than anything I really started to appreciate the beauty of an elephant. God created these beautiful animals and has made them like no other. Even just studying the texture and pattern of their skin amazes me. Many artists have enjoyed making items to honor the beauty of this animal. From Jewelry to carvings elephants have been created through out the ages. What really surprised me were the newer fun elephant items, such as phone cases and children's toys.

When I bought my home the people that owned it before me had a little girl. They had hired an artist to paint a mural in her nursery. The walls were a beautiful rich blue color and if you looked up more toward the ceiling near the top of the wall, there was a magnificent painting of Noah's Ark. On the ark, you could see many animals, including the elephant. Her room was decorated with all types of animals, the most prestigious was the elephant. She has stuffed animals, photos, paintings, and even a hand carved toy box. It was a beautiful place of wonder for a child to grow up in.

Nursery Decor

Check these out!

From Tie clips to Pendants

What a subtle way to display the strength of your man than on his tie clip. Elephants represent strength and are noticed when they are present. In Asia they symbolize wisdom and royal power. n south India elephants are loved, revered, groomed, and given a prestigious place in the state's culture.

Elephants for everyday

One of the first things I found for my friend was an elephant phone case. She loves elephants in her home and uses they to accents things, but she didn't really have any with her everyday items. She uses her phone everyday so I thought it would be a nice touch.

Strength or Wisdom?

In your opinion, what does the elephant symbolize more?

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Amazing Birth of a Baby Elephant

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      Charito Maranan-Montecillo 3 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      What nice items! Thanks for sharing.