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Facts About Betta Fighting Fish

Updated on July 20, 2010

Female Betta

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Female Bettas are Dull-Colored Fish

The female of the species is a dull-colored fish who is there to make eggs, and is docile. The aggressiveness of the male Betta makes up for the female’s docility, though. Betta males are known for their aggressive behavior, and their willingness to fight each other at the drop of a hat.

Male Bettas: Generally Aggressive, Bred For Beauty & In-Charge of Defending Its Offspring

However, Betta owner’s have different opinions. Some Betta males are docile; others are only aggressive against smaller and slower fish. Bettas bred for beauty instead of fighting have long flowing fins, and should not be used in this manner. Betta fish males are also in charge of making bubble nests and defending his brood; after breeding, the male drives off the female to protect the eggs so they will have time to hatch.

Male Betta

Betta Fish are Generally Bred for its Aesthetic Beauty

Betta fish websites advertise the best fighting fish, the best fighters, and the best fighting techniques and food, but the casual Betta fish owner just wants a beautiful fish. There is a market and a place for fighting fish, of course. But with the selective breeding that is done now for aesthetic purposes, the market for actual Siamese fighting fish is smaller than the market for strikingly beautiful freshwater specimens.

Bettas Need Large Aquariums

Betta fish function better in larger aquariums, provided that unrelated males are not placed in a tank with one another. If this occurs, it causes the stress level in the tank to increase. Also, avoid putting mirrors in a Betta tank, as this will cause the Betta to feel threatened. Simple tank separators work fine for keeping male Bettas separate, or you can just limit one male per tank and maybe a few female Bettas for company.

Bettas are bred for both their fighting skills and beauty, but the two types rarely make a good combination. For the average hobbyist, it is probably better to stick with the beauty instead of trying to make an aggressive fish that can clear out your aquarium of other fish.


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    • musictunes profile image

      Kris Weber 4 years ago from Saint Cloud, Minnesota

      You can start by taking care of them by feeding them what they actually love. People don't know they are actually carnivores! here is a video I shot of me feeding my betta fish

    • profile image

      ralph78 4 years ago

      Hey friends here are some best and easy tips to increase the life span of betta fighter fish. In this you can get to know more about the betta.

      So here you go:

    • musictunes profile image

      Kris Weber 4 years ago from Saint Cloud, Minnesota

      Did you know that betta fish would rather eat dried shrimp and stuff then stupid pellets you buy in the store? They don't eat that stuff in the wild and they are actually carnivores! Wicked info ehh?

    • profile image

      Who needs to know? 5 years ago

      Not enough facts, but, I suppose, Good Enough. I get what I get and don't throw a fit. Anyway you did not have to do this

    • profile image

      ???? 5 years ago

      Good Facts