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Fall Turkey Hunting Tips

Updated on May 18, 2013

Are you planning to go for turkey hunting during the fall?

Spring and fall are the two most popular hunting seasons for turkeys. However, hunting gobblers during fall is far more challenging than stalking and killing these birds during spring. This is because these birds are more concerned with being their "bird folk," instead of looking for hens and jennies to mate with. Nevertheless, there are fall turkey hunting that a hunter can use to enjoy a good catch whenever he/she goes out into the woods.

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Fall Turkey Hunting Tips - 4 Practical Pointers That Turkey Hunters Should Know

fall turkey hunting tips
fall turkey hunting tips

1. Location, location. It is important to determine where the birds are gathering before even setting up one's sniping position. Turkey roosts are easy to find if one knows how to look for them. A hunter can look for piles of gobbler droppings, which are a clear indication that the bird has nested there. These birds may also leave marks such as scratches on tree trunks or on the soil. This fowl normally eats waste grain, so if there is a field near one's house, then that is a likely turkey spot. These birds also tend to travel in specific flocks during fall, which are categorized by their sex and age: a flock of hens and poults, a flock of toms, and a flock of jakes. Knowing the kind of flock that is gathered in a certain area helps hunters choose the kind of turkey call to use if he/she plans to use a "disperse and call back" tactic.

2. Ignore the rain. Although it is very tempting to stay indoors whenever it rains, turkey hunters know that it is the best time to go hunting for these birds. Turkeys do not have the luxury of being able to seek shelter in the rain, so they travel in droves to the fields. Raindrops add to the movement in a turkey's vision, which makes it very easy for a hunter to take position and kill a bird. The rain also soaks the leaves and soil, which helps muffle the sounds of a hunter's footsteps.

3. The early hunter gets the birds. A dark forest provides no comfort to the gobblers; predators can easily attack and kill the birds without warning. The same concept applies to hunters who go to the turkey spot early in the morning. The darkness helps conceal them from the turkeys and lets them set up whatever decoys and gear they brought with them. Come the morn, one is ready and poised to take the perfect shot.

4. Talk turkey. One of the most popular hunting tactics is to use turkey calls. These are items that allow a hunter to imitate the calls of toms, jakes, jennies, hens, and gobblers. One can use these either by blowing on them, by pushing a button, or by drawing a peg across a surface. After a hunter's companion or hunting dog flushes the birds out, causing them to fly away in fright, a hunter can then use the call to catch the attention of a gobbler and lead it towards his/her line of fire.

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