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Fun Dog Tricks!

Updated on June 26, 2014

My favorite dog tricks!

I love doing tricks!

Not only is it fun, but it's good for me too! Keeps me out of trouble, BOL!

Learning new tricks isn't difficult. Mum likes to use clicker training and shaping with me as much as possible. That way I think for myself, learn, and retain my knowledge much more effectively!

Here is just a sample of some of the tricks I know. So sit back and enjoy!

And try some tricks with your dog, it's fun!

Some fun easy tricks at a distance!

Once you learn some easy tricks and start increasing the distance, you can have your Mum video tape you, do a little editing. add in some fun music and voila! you've got a fun video showing off all that you've learned!

Try drumming, it's fun!

One day I was a little wacky and Mum thought it was a great time to learn a new trick! Why not drumming? So she got out one of our kittie litter containers and let me go at it!

Roll over!

Rrolling is fun! I used to only roll right, but then Mum taught me to roll left too. Now I'm a rolling maniac! Woofs!

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Leg weaving!

Leg weaving is a really fun trick! Sometimes Mum needs to lure me to do some tricks because I just get so wacky. This one was easy to learn! Mum started with one leg in front of the other and lured me through her legs. Then she took a step and lured me through the other leg! Pretty soon, she didn't even need treats and clicked as I went through her legs, but you can be sure I get lots of treats after a good leg weaving session!

Find target!

I love to find my target! It's not only a great trick, but a fun game that can come in very handy! Mum taught me this trick by putting some treats on a target (we use a yogurt container lid) just a few feet away. Then she started increasing the distance until I could find the target clear across the room, then even upstairs! This trick came in very handy when my kittie bro, Wiggy, jumped the fence one day and I had to find him! In just a few minutes I found Wiggy down the street three houses away!

Turning off the light - floor switch version!

Learning to turn off the light can be a very useful trick, and save on electricity too! This turn off the light trick is done using a floor switch, which even I can do being a small dog! Mum started by clicking and treating for any interest I showed in the floor switch...before you know it, I was putting my paw on it, and then pushing harder! Mum clicked and treated each time I progressed through the steps to learn the trick!

Turning off the light - wall switch version!

Gracie, my sis, is a bit bigger than I am, and she's a pro at turning off the wall light switch ever since Mum taught her how! Just watch..

Catching treats!

I love to catch treats! Mum started by dropping treats within just a few inches of my mouth. Then she started increasing the distance, and I got the hang of it pretty quickly! Sometimes, she throws me a few pieces of kibble before I dive into my full meal!

Taking off Mum's socks!

Oday it was starting to get warm in the house, and Mum wanted her socks off. So she turned to me and Gracie for help! To teach us Mum first clicked and treated when we showed interest in her socks. We love to tug, so after Mum waited a little to show us what else we could do, we both started pulling on her socks! Pretty soon we were sock removing maniacs!

Helping Mum cool off!

Helping Mum cool off on a warm day is one of Gracie's best tricks! After we learned to take off Mum's socks, Gracie really wanted to help Mum even more!

Tricks are fun!

Teaching your dog tricks is fun, entertaining and a great way to bond with your dog, and keep them busy!

Putting my toys away!

Fetching wasn't my forte, but Mum was patient with me! It would be a couple of years before Mum finally was able to teach me to fetch and put, as she calls it! You see, for agility I was taught to go out and do things, not to go out and then come back to do things. So what Mum did was find my absolute favorite toy at the time (my kittie bros little squirrel), she'd throw it and then run away toward a box. Pretty soon I was chasing her with the toy, that's when she took the opportunity to show me the box and I dropped it right in! I got a big jackpot for that and I've done it ever since!

Now I'm a fetching maniac!


Bang! We're dead, BOL! Playing dead is one of Gracie's favorite tricks, she thinks it's funny that Mum points her finger at her like a gun and says, 'BANG!' real loud. Then Mum took the time to teach me how to play dead, now we love to do our 'double bang'!

Are you shy?

Are you shy? is one of my favorite tricks. It's a little more difficult for some dogs to learn this. What Mum did was have me lie down, and then she itched my nose, I immediately rubbed it and she clicked and treated! That's all it took!

Go to your mark!

Once Gracie and I learn tricks, Mum likes to increase the distance from her that we'll perform them! One of my favorite distance tricks is go to your mark, just like they do for the movies! Once I know my mark I can be a star, right?

Some fun easy tricks!

This is one of my very first trick videos, when I was just about a year old. Mum taught me now to sit, lie down, go table (that's the ottoman), and sneeze on command!

A little dual heeling!

We haven't been doing much formal heeling. We like heeling to be super fun!

One day Mum thought it would be fun for both of us to heel together, so we gave it a try! We liked it!

Table games!

Gacie and I love playing table games, especially when it's too hot or too cold to play outside. A quick down on the table is one thing we need for our agility training. So we love to get in some practice inside and play table games for our dinner!

Bark at me!

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Wow, I am so impressed, and this lens is so well put together.

      Are you shy is so cute, I love it.

      Nice job,

      Robin :)

    • delia-delia profile image


      8 years ago

      Hello again from a Squidoo Greeter! Oh Johann, you are so talented and special!


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