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Find the Best Cat Furniture for Your Cat

Updated on October 10, 2014
Stable Cat Gym Scratching
Stable Cat Gym Scratching

Find the Best Cat Furniture for Your Cat

We all love cats. We love to pet them, love to play with them or just to share with them our homes. However, what we do not like is when they start scratching at our favorite furniture or climbing our elegant curtains.

If you are a cat owner, you know the cats can be very persistent when it comes to scratching furniture or other objects in your home and sharpen their claws. And while we like it or not, cats will continue to scratch and climb as it is in their nature.

Since you obviously can not change that behavior of cats (and should not try to do), would be better if the you just provide your pet with a place to hide and play or sharpen claws. That is where cat furniture comes. The cat furniture are essential to a cat's growth. Not only do cats love them, but also they provide with plenty of options for climbing and exercising. Providing their own playground to our furry companion is been proven to help them stay healthy and happy.

Carpet Pagoda Cat Furniture House
Carpet Pagoda Cat Furniture House

How to choose quality cat furniture?

When you start searching for the best cat furniture you will find that there is big difference in quality of each one and there is a direct relation between price and quality. The truth is you will receive what you will pay for because the kitty trees are made in different way with different materials. If you find cheap one for sale, it is probably made of interior materials, poorly constructed and not stable.

If you are looking for good quality cat furniture you should find some playground made with solid wood poles and non-modular design. They are stable and sturdy and will last for years. You do not have to put them together. They come ready for use.

You may find cat towers made with pressed wood at a lesser cost. They also have a sturdy construction, but are not so stable and may tip over your cat because they are not so heavy as they should be. This is typically seen in the modular furniture that requires assembly.


Kitty Cat Cradle Perch

This is a great cat perch to put in front of the window, so the cat may sit and watch the outdoor activities. With a sisal scratching post for stretching out, round bed for sleaping and cozy cradle your cat won't want to leave it! It is proudly hand made here in USA and ships fully assembled.


Window Size Kitty Playground

This window size cat perch will be truly a challenge for your cat. It will keep her very active and busy with two cradles and sisal scratching pole. The furniture will allow your cat to live out the scratching habit without damaging the home furniture and carpet. Sisal rope is strong enough for lasting years.


How to select the right cat furniture for your cat?

The right furniture for your pet depends on its personality and lifestyle and you are the best judge of your cat's habits. If your cat likes to sleep in small places, choose cat furniture with enclosures like a condo or tunnel. If you cat does not care for cozy spaces, find furniture with more perches, baskets or cradles. If you cat like to scratch on your home furniture, find a model with many scratching posts covered with sisal rope. But if you cats do not like sisal, you should choose cat furniture with carpet posts instead.

For older, lazier cats, cat tower with more room, more platforms for them to hang out and sleep on and more places to scratch are more recommended than a very high cat tree.

For strong and restless adult cats, one could think of buying high cat tree, with a few cat condos, lot of scratching space, some hanging toy mice, a hammock perhaps and lots of ledges and entertainment for the cat!

Which covering material is best?

The cat furniture are typically covered with a faux fleece, fur or carpet. These ones covered with thick carpet are the most expensive, while more affordable ones are covered with Faux Fleece or Faux Fur. Arguments could be made in favor of either, and cats do not really seem to mind the difference between the two either. But the carpet is softer, while the Faux Fleece or Faux Fur are more durable. They are also very easy to be cleaned.

If you want to preserve your carpet and rugs, I do not recommend kitty scratcher wrapped with carpet. You may send your cat a message that it's OK to scratch your rugs.

Below are some items covered with different materials.

Cat Playground covered with Faux Fur


Cat Condo Furniture covered with Carpet


Climbing Cat Furniture, Sisal and Faux Fur


How to make your cat to scratch its furniture?

If your cat does not want to use her furniture you should help her to choose it rather than your home furniture. There are some ways to do that:

- It does not matter if you have a new kitten or an older cat you should start teach your pet scratching on its furniture before the problem arises. It is better if you establish good habits at the beginning than to try to correct the problem later.

- Most cats start to scratch after waking. So the cat furniture should be nearby to where the cat sleeps. After it wakes up from a nap, call her to the furniture.

- If you want to satisfy your cats urge to scratch, provide her with tall furniture where she can stretch the full height when scratching. The furniture should be some inches higher than the cat when she is fully stretched out.

- The furniture should be placed where it will be used. So place it near the place your cat spends more time, or in front of the home furniture where she likes to sharp claws.

- Put some toys on furniture, or rubbing it with catnip. Cats just like the catnip.

How to clean your kitty furniture?

You can clean it by a upholster spray or with a neutral soap and water. And any cat hair can be picked up with a vacuum cleaner or grooming brush.

Where should I put it?

Place your new piece of furniture in the room where you spend the most time. Cats love to be close to their friends. Also, try to situate the perch close to a window. Cats love to bask in the sun and watch the activity outside.

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